2000 Federal Health Care Executive Award for Excellence

The Award is sponsored by the American Hospital Association, Federal Health System Constituency Section, and recognizes a senior federal health care executive (commissioned officer 0-6 level or higher/GS-15 level or higher equivalent) who has distinguished himself/herself through singularly significant leadership or innovative achievements which have contributed substantially to the mission of the federal health system.

Colonel Allen Middleton receiving the award from
AHA Board member, Ron Spaeth, CEO, Highland Park Hospital.

The recipient of the 2000 Award for Excellence is Colonel Allen W. Middleton, Assistant Surgeon General, Medical Programs and Resources, and Chief, Medical Service Corps, Headquarters U.S. Air Force, Bolling Air Force Base, DC.

As Assistant Surgeon General, Medical Programs and Resources, Colonel Allen W. Middleton is responsible for the financial and manpower management of the Air Force Medical Service, including a $4.9 billion operating budget and over 40,000 officer, enlisted and civilian personnel. He oversees health care resources for 2.7 million beneficiaries at 79 medical facilities worldwide. In his capacity as Chief, Medical Service Corps, Colonel Middleton manages the accession and development of professional health care executives to accomplish the health care mission of the Air Force.

With over 27 years of dedicated service in the federal health care sector, Colonel Middleton possesses a unique ability to design and implement innovative services and programs to deal with the demonstrated needs of the Military Health System. He was the primary architect for the first Air Force Medical Service Annual Planning and Programming Guidance. He codified enrollment-based reengineering into programming actions, which expanded military capabilities through optimal staffing and funding. This endeavor has resulted in a comprehensive, executable blueprint for the Air Force Medical Service, which is allowing military medical treatment facilities to achieve maximum efficiency in a planned, coordinated, and systematic manner.

Additionally, through Colonel Middleton's pragmatic and objective insights, the Health Benefits and Policy Division was better able to understand current operations and design a new benefit plan that takes a futuristic approach to the delivery of care and provides for both long-term health benefits and short-term financial gains.

Colonel Middleton is best described as a catalyst to increasing public understanding of the needs and goals of the Military Health System. He provided guidance and counsel that culminated in a comprehensive study and plan for meeting the health care needs of Medicare eligible beneficiaries within the Air Force Medical Service. As a result, many Congressional initiatives being considered today were based on this plan. Colonel Middleton's forethought allowed for maximum responsiveness to changing trends in health care with a focus on relevance, customer satisfaction, and responsible financial stewardship.

Colonel Middleton serves as a member of the American Hospital Association's Federal Health System Constituency Section and is active in the American Academy of Medical Administrators and Association of Military Surgeons of the United States. In addition to being a highly decorated officer, Colonel Middleton has also served as a lecturer and instructor for numerous educational programs both in the military and private sectors.



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