Lessons Learned




  • JCAHO: Surge Hospitals: Providing Safe Care in Emergencies, December 2005
  • H&HN: Lesson Learned: Texas Hospitals Braced for Hurricane Rita, October 2005
  • H&HN: The Disaster After the Disaster, October 2005
    More than a decade after Hurricane Andrew, Florida hospitals offer stark lessons--and long-term hope--for their devastated counterparts in Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi.
  • Facilities Unite to Care for Houston Patients After Medical Campus Floods, July 1, 2001
    Houston-area hospitals were thrown into disaster mode last month after flooding from Tropical Storm Allison knocked out emergency power, water and telecommunications to portions of the Texas Medical Center campus.
  • Be Prepared!, April 1, 2001
    Famine and locusts aren't too likely to devastate U.S. health care facilities these days. But, otherwise, facility managers have to be prepared for just about any biblical or other disaster. Even if you've been disaster-free for the past few years, experts warn not to give short shrift to planning, because that rainy--or windy, quaky or otherwise crisis-ridden--day is probably inevitable.
  • Early Action, Disaster Plans Blunt Floyd's Fury, September 20, 1999
    Although Hurricane Floyd did not turn out to be "the storm of the century," its impact will be felt by many for quite some time. Floyd left his mark all along the East Coast, causing flooding, power outages and wind damage, killing at least 16 people, and putting hospital disaster-preparedness plans to the test.
  • Fire Escape, October 20, 1998
    The summer fires that ravaged parts of Florida tested Memorial Health Systems in ways no disaster drill could have.
  • Icy 'Disaster' Turns Hospitals Into Both Victims and Refugees,  January 19, 1998
    Hospitals and other Northeastern health care providers have been hit hard by the Great Ice Storm of 1998.



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