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Better Health, Better Health Care

Highest Quality Care


Support doctors, nurses, hospitals, nursing homes and others in working together in teams and with patients and families to ensure the right care is given at the right time, in the right setting.


  • Increase development and use of evidence-based care
  • Reward care outcomes
  • Support doctors, hospitals and others in working together to coordinate care on behalf of patients
  • Coordinate treatment of physical and behavioral health needs
  • Increase availability and use of compassionate end-of-life care

Public Policy Ideas for Change 

  • Modernize laws and regulations to allow doctors, hospitals, and others to work together in teams or “networks”*
  • Create a national investment to research the best evidence in patient care and effective quality improvement strategies.  Develop methods for speeding the adoption of these methods within the field
  • Clinical integration*
  • Renovate the education of health care professionals and the broader health care workforce
  • Test payment redesign to reward quality providers who follow recommended “best practices”*
  • Test payment redesign to give provider groups a single amount to manage the entire episode of a patient’s care and better coordinate care*
  • Integrate physical and mental health care delivery
  • Expand options for end-of-life care at home
  • Require everyone to complete and providers to honor a summary of wishes regarding life-sustaining treatment
  • Adequately fund national performance improvement measurement*
  • Redesign coverage and payment to guarantee parity
  • Make available to consumers meaningful information on the quality, price, use and comparative effectiveness of health care services
  • Create a better alternative to today’s liability system*
  • Analyze the comparative effectiveness, risks, and benefits of new technologies, medicines, practices and procedures for individual conditions
  • Reduce health disparities and inequity in health care delivery



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