The 2006 Congressional Elections

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The 2006 Congressional elections are now around the corner, and offer the hospital community a prime opportunity to raise a critical issue facing our communities and our nation: the problem of the uninsured.  Recent Census Bureau data shows the number of uninsured Americans continues to grow, with 46.6 million Americans uninsured in 2005.  With the entire Senate and two-thirds of the House up for election, this campaign season is an opportunity to press lawmakers for their thoughts on a solution.  To help, the AHA is sending a special brochure to all member hospitals this week.  The brochure provides details on the AHA's approach to expanding coverage in the near-term, and summarizes the association's Unified Health Policy Project to address broader system reform in the future.  And it contains three key questions you can ask lawmakers and candidates to gauge their views on the coverage crisis.  Be sure to contact them soon ... and please let us know how your contacts go by e-mailing the AHA at

Mobilize the Hospital Community...and Vote

In addition to talking issues, lawmakers need to realize the hospital community takes elections seriously.  By accessing you can learn all you need about voting procedures in your state.  The manner in which citizens exercise their right to vote is's getting easier.  Many states have adopted new rules regarding absentee balloting, voting by mail and voting early.  Hospital employees need to take advantage of these changes, and vote for the candidate of their own choice.  Please forward this to others on your team and maximize the hospital presence in the "voting booth."

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