Since 2008, St. James Mercy Hospital in New York has been using a high-tech system to makes sure its patients get the right medicine, at the right time, in the right dosage. "Barcode Medication Verification"—or BMV—starts working when patients get admitted through the hospital’s registration area or emergency department and they receive a bracelet imprinted with a unique barcode. When the physician orders any needed medications, the orders go electronically to the pharmacy. The pharmacist fills the orders, and double checks for any allergies. Each medication has its own unique barcode, specific to that medicine and strength. The nurse or respiratory therapist wheels the BMV cart with the medications to the patient at bedside, scans the bracelet, and scans each medication. If anything doesn’t match—patient name, medication name, dose or time—an alert will immediately come up on the screen so that corrections can be made before the medication is given to the patient.

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America's hospitals are open day and night, 365 days a year, to care for everyone who walks through our doors. But we're not here just when you need us. The people of America's hospitals are always working, caring and innovating-strengthening our communities.

 Hospitals are:

  Economic Contributors

Hospitals employ more than 5 million people, making them America's second-largest source of private-sector jobs.

  Gateways to Care

We serve every type of community: urban, rural, large and small. We are constantly working to improve access to care for all patients from newborns to seniors.

  Centers of Innovation

We're bringing the latest medical innovation and technology to patients, providing highly specialized health care.

  Improving Community Health

Our mission goes beyond treating illness. We strengthen communities by working not just to mend bodies, but to make people and communities healthier.

  Committed to Quality and Safety

We're dedicated to improving patient quality and safety in every community.



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