Hutchinson (KS) Regional Medical Center

Kevin Miller, president and CEO of Hutchinson (KS) Regional Medical Center, says the AHA's We Care, We Vote” toolkit provided him with useful and important resources on how he could engage and inform his hospital family leading up to November election.

"As a hospital CEO, I absolutely have to be involved in educating our various constituencies as to the candidates and their positions on health care,” says Miller, who has led the 200-bed medical facility serving the health needs of more than 65,000 residents of Hutchinson, Reno County and the surrounding Central Kansas region for just over a year.

Miller plans to use the We Care, We Vote materials to help his nearly 1,400 employees register to vote. The toolkit provides information on states' processes for registering to vote - who exactly is eligible, how to register and what deadlines must be met in order to be eligible to vote in November. Hospital leaders also can find customizable messages to help spread the word about voter registration drives.

The AHA launched We Care, We Vote this summer as  a nationwide effort to get hospital executives, medical staff, employees and board members to express their concerns about cutting hospitals' Medicare and Medicaid payments, and to ask questions about where congressional candidates stand on these and other health care issues. The initiative includes materials for hospital leaders to help make their employees, trustees, medical staff, volunteers and others more aware of the challenges facing the hospital and health system field and what's at stake in the coming federal budget debate.

For more on how your organization can get involved, click here.

For more information about the “We Care, We Vote” initiative, or for help planning any of these activities, please contact AHA Member Relations at 1 (800) 424-4301 or


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