AHA Brief in Opposition
Response to government's request that Supreme Court accept review of the case. Donna E. Shalala, Secretary of Health and Human Services v. Ohio Hospital Association, et al. U.S. Supreme Court, On Petition for a Writ of Certiorari (No. 00-558) [Re: OHA/AHA challenge to the government's lab unbundling investigations.], November 13, 2000

EMTALA Summary
Outpatient PPS Regulation, AHA Member Briefing, November 2000

Letter to OIG
Challenges in implementing the outpatient prospective payment system (OPPS), August 11, 2000

Comment Letter
Proposed safe harbor for ambulance restocking, July 21, 2000

Request for Clarification
EMTALA: request for clarification on provisions in the outpatient PPS rule, June 6, 2000

AHA Amicus Brief
U.S. v. Dan Anderson , et al., US Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit (Nos. 99-3347, 99-3344, 99-3352) [Re: Anti-kickback statute - challenging use of a "one-purpose" type test.]. June 6, 2000

AHA Amicus Brief
Children's Seashore House v. Michelle K. Guhl, Commissioner of the NJ Department of Human Services, et al., US Supreme Court, Petition for Certiorari (No. 99-1738) [Medicaid DSH payments - right to sue the state for failing to meet payment obligations.], May 31, 2000

Press Release
Hospital Groups Join Forces To Uphold Provider Right To Sue For State Medicaid Reimbursement, May 31, 2000

AHA Amicus Brief
U.S. ex rel. James S. Stone v. Rockwell International Corp. and Boeing North American, Inc., US Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit (Nos. 99-1351, 99-1352, 99-1353) [Re: Lack of legal authority for a private individual to initiate a False Claims Act case.], February 14, 2000

AHA Amicus Brief
HCA Health Services of Virginia, Inc., et al. v. Stephen M. Levin, MD and Inova Health System v. Stephen M. Levin, Supreme Court of Virginia (Nos. 992934 and 992935) [Re: Protection of peer review information from discovery in a defamation case.], February 1, 2000



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