Members-Only Conference Call

Essentia Health’s COAT Program Reduces Opioid Addiction
Held November 16, 2016

Please join a small group of your executive colleagues for a conference call and discussion. Dr. David Herman, CEO and Dr. Brian Konowalchuck, Essentia Health, Duluth, MN will describe the evolution and impact of their Chronic Opioid Analgesic Therapy (COAT) program.

The COAT program is designed to help people with a history of chronic opioid use reduce or eliminate their dependence on the medications for non-cancer-related pain. It works to target chronic opioid users through careful monitoring of their prescription history, educating them about the dangers of overuse and, when appropriate, guiding them through a gradual weaning process to a safer level of use. The speakers will share how all Essentia primary-care providers were trained in COAT protocol; as well as how specialists, like surgeons and rheumatologists, have been briefed on ways to detect signs of dependence and addiction in patients and non-addictive treatment methods. Since October 2015, Essentia’s COAT program has reduced the number of patients that were diverting or inappropriately using opiate medications by roughly 10 percent.


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