Wound Ostomy Continence Nurses Society (WOCN) Outcome & Assessment Information Set (OASIS) Guidance Document

REF: S&C 21


August 6, 2001


Survey and Certification Group
Center for Medicaid and State Operations


Wound Ostomy Continence Nurses Society (WOCN) Outcome and Assessment Information Set (OASIS) Guidance Document


Associate Regional Administrators, DMSO
State Survey Agency Directors

The purpose of this memorandum is to provide you with information and answers to questions about wound items on the OASIS. We are including them for your files.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) (formerly the Health Care Financing Administration) are collaborating with clinical wound care experts from the WOCN to clarify the definitions for "fully granulating, early/partial granulation, and not healing" for OASIS wound items. The clarifications respond to numerous questions about wound status received by the OASIS Mailbox. The clarifications are intended to be helpful to home health agency (HHA) clinicians as they complete their patient assessments. For more information about the WOCN guidelines and for answers to questions about the WOCN guidelines, please contact the WOCN web site at www.wocn.org.

HHA clinicians are encouraged to use the new guidance to assist with clinical assessments of patient wounds. HHAs are not required to correct previously encoded and transmitted assessments.

The WOCN OASIS Guidance Document is found in attachment A and on WOCN's web site. A Question and Answer document is found in attachment B.

Note: The CMS OASIS team and clinical wound care experts from WOCN cannot offer definite answers to the classification of a specific wound, because we cannot visually assess the wound.

Effective Date: The guidance presented in this memorandum is effective on the date of

Training: This policy should be shared with all OASIS Educational and Automation
coordinators, home health agency surveyors, their managers, the state/regional office
training coordinator and home health providers.

If you have any question about this issue, please contact Mary Weakland at
(410) 786-6835 or Tracey Mummert at (410) 786-3398.

/s/ Sandy Haydock for Steve
Steven A. Pelovitz

Attachments: A & B


Regional Office OASIS Coordinators
State Agency OASIS Educational Coordinators
State Agency OASIS Automation Coordinators



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