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At the AHA, we are earnestly working to meet the needs and concerns of our members relative to the JCAHO. While the AHA encourages individual members to contact the JCAHO directly about the Commission’s activities (Phone: 630-792-5000; customer service e-mail:, the AHA and others know that clearly expressing our views before the JCAHO is in many ways as important to our members as our advocacy before Congress and regulatory agencies. As a result, there are several paths we take to ensure that the JCAHO understands how its decisions and activities affect hospitals.

Here is a summary of the various ways that the AHA and others provide input and feedback to the JCAHO:

Regional Policy Board meetings - AHA-JCAHO commissioners and/or JCAHO staff are often on hand at meetings of the AHA’s nine Regional Policy Boards (RPB). During their presentations, RPB members are encouraged to make their issues and concerns known.

Conference Calls - The AHA holds twice-monthly conference calls with liaisons from state, metro, and regional hospital associations who have responsibility for JCAHO activities. The first call of the month focuses on AHA member concerns and issues. The second call of the two monthly calls include JCAHO staff, so that the liaisons can discuss general issues of concern, listen and ask questions about JCAHO policies, procedures, and new initiatives, and provide feedback on specific policies, standards, and implementation issues.

Management Calls - The AHA and the JCAHO hold periodic conference calls in which the Senior Vice President for Quality Leadership and JCAHO senior management discuss issues of mutual concern.

A Hospital Advisory Group has been established by the JCAHO to provide advice to it concerning issues of importance relative to the hospital field. A listing of group members can be accessed by clicking here.

The Board of Commissioners is the Joint Commission's governing body, providing policy leadership and oversight. The full board meets three times a year. The Commissioners consists of 28 individuals, including physicians, consumers, medical directors, administrators, nurses, providers, employers, a labor representative, health plan leaders, quality experts, ethicists, a health insurance administrator and educators.

The AHA nominates seven of the 28 commissioners that compose the JCAHO Board of Commissioners. AHA nominees are selected based on their experience, expertise, and level of interest in regard to improving patient safety, quality of care, and the JCAHO.

AHA - JCAHO Commissioners meet on a periodic basis and participate in conference calls on a as needed basis to discuss issues that are before the JCAHO for consideration or action In addition, AHA staff will bring issues of concern to the AHA membership to the attention of the Commissioners. However, each commissioner is expected to use his/her best judgment when making decisions on JCAHO Board of Commissioner agenda items.


In addition, commissioners do not vote en bloc on agenda items. As with any Board, each commissioner is expected to fulfill their fiduciary responsibility and act in the 'best interests' of the JCAHO.

In an effort to allow AHA members to provide feedback and information to the Commissioners, click here to access the names, addresses, and e-mail addresses of each of AHA’s commissioners. Please e-mail them with any thoughts or concerns you may have regarding the JCAHO or the accreditation survey process. To send a message to all AHA Commissioners, click here.

To contact AHA staff regarding matters related to JCAHO, or to suggest ways to make this website more beneficial to you, please e-mail  Nancy Foster.


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