AHA's Commissioners

The AHA nominates seven of the 28 commissioners that compose the JCAHO Board of Commissioners. AHA nominees are selected based on their experience, expertise, and level of interest in regard to improving patient safety, quality of care, and the JCAHO. AHA Commissioners meet on a periodic basis and participate in conference calls on a as needed basis to discuss issues that are before the JCAHO for consideration or action In addition, AHA staff will bring issues of concern to the AHA membership to the attention of the Commissioners. However, each commissioner is expected to use his/her best judgment when making decisions on JCAHO Board of Commissioner agenda items. THE AHA DOES NOT 'INSTRUCT' OR 'DICTATE' TO THE COMMISSIONERS AS TO HOW THEY SHOULD ACT ON INDIVIDUAL ITEMS BEFORE THE JCAHO BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS. In addition, commissioners do not vote en bloc on agenda items. As with any Board, each commissioner is expected to fulfill their fiduciary responsibility and act in the 'best interests' of the JCAHO.

In an effort to allow AHA members to provide feedback and information to the Commissioners, the names, addresses, and e-mail addresses of each of AHA's Commissioners are listed below. Please e-mail them with any thoughts or concerns you may have regarding the JCAHO or the accreditation survey process.

To send a message to all Commissioners, click here.

The seven current AHA Commissioners are:

Jim Castle - Chairman of the AHA-JCAHO Committee of Commissioners
OHA: The Association for
Hospitals and Health Systems
155 E. Broad Street
Columbus, Ohio  43215
Phone: (614) 221-7614
Fax: (614) 221-4771

Sec:  Brenda Slagle

Fred Brown, FACHE
Northern Arizona Healthcare
1200 North Beaver Street
Flagstaff, Arizona 86001
Phone  (office) (928) 773-2001
             (home-Flag) (928) 525-9879
             (home): (480) 513-4549
             (cell): (480) 213-4024
Fax: (928) 773-2315

Sec: Jan Frigano

Jodi Mansfield
Shands HealthCare
Box 100326
Gainesville, FL  32610
Phone: (352 )  265-0440
Fax:: (352) 395-0231

Sec: Barbara Long-Strayhorn  

Herb Pardes, MD
New York-Presyterian Hospital
161 Ft. Washington Avenue, 14th Floor
New York, New York  10032
Phone: (212) 305-8000
Home: (212) 864-3162
Fax: (212) 305-8012

Sec: Yvette Sierra 

Phyllis Wingate-Jones
Chief Operating Officer   (follow to Miller)
Carolinas Healthcare System
1000 Blythe Boulevard
Charlotte, North Carolina 28232
Phone: (704) 355-2030
Fax: (704) 355-1252

Sec: Gloria Shamblin

Rhonda Anderson RN MPA CNAA FAAN
Chief Operating Officer
Desert Samaritan Medical Center
1400 South Dobson Road
Mesa, Arizona  85202
Phone: (480) 512-3207
Fax: (480) 512-8711

Sec:  Carrie Evans 

Ron Spaeth
Chief Administrative Officer - Development
Evanston Northwestern Healthcare
40 Skokie Blvd., Suite 400
Northbrook, Illinois  60035
Phone: (847) 753-8380
Fax: (847) 753-9262

Sec: Cathi Grayson


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