• Malcolm Baldrige Award
    The Malcolm Baldrige Award was established by the United States Congress in 1987 to recognize performance and quality excellence in manufacturing and servicesIn 1999, the program was expanded to include educational organizations and health care providers, promising important benefits to consumers.
    • Baldrige National Quality Award application
    • Baldrige Health Care Criteria for Performance Excellence
    • AHA encourages members to self-assess using the Malcolm Baldrige Health Care Criteria. This approach to performance assessment and improvement:
      • Allows improvement to grow out of each organization's unique mission and values;
      • Focuses on results and service;
      • Complements and supports other quality improvement mechanisms, including Joint Commission accreditation;
      • Uses a framework and language of improvement which is understood by the business community, enabling hospitals to establish a more effective dialog with purchasers.
    • For the latest information on state, local, and regional quality awards, please send an email with your fax number or mailing address to You may also request this information by calling their office at (301) 975-2036. 
  • Clinical Microsystems
    Clinical microsystems are defined as “a small group of people who work together on a regular basis to provide care to discrete subpopulations of patients. It has clinical and business aims, linked processes, shared information environment and produces performance outcomes.”  This unit-based approach has been most successfully developed at  Dartmouth, but can be found within many other health care settings. Key factors for successfully functioning microsystems are virtually identical to the successful factors found within organizations that have been recognized by the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.  In the fall of 2005, the AHA, in conjunction with Dartmouth, the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, Premier, and VHA Inc. will be distributing a Strategies for Leadership resource toolkit that focuses on the key learnings and application of clinical microsystems.  More detailed information about clinical microsystems can be found at the Dartmouth web site:
  • AHA McKesson Quest for Quality Award
    The AHA McKesson Quest for Quality Award was created in 2000 as part of the AHA’s response to the IOM “Crossing the Quality Chasm” report.  Since its creation, it has evolved from recognizing organizations that have made progress in regard to improving patient safety to recognizing organizations that 1) have committed in a systematic manner to achieving the Institute of Medicine’s six quality aims—safety, patient-centeredness, effectiveness, efficiency, timeliness, and equity; 2) can document progress in achievement of multiple aims; and 3) provide replicable models and systems for the hospital field.

The award is also intended to serve as a “bridge” for those organizations who are redesigning systems of care using a clinical microsystem approach and those organizations who are using the Malcolm Baldrige Award criteria.


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