AHA RAC News Archive

AHA survey: 6 in 10 RAC-reviewed claims did not have an overpayment 6/3/16

CMS pauses QIO two-midnight reviews  5/12/16

Slavitt: CMS committed to administrative simplification  5/3/16

AHA survey: 6 in 10 RAC reviewed claims did not have an overpayment 3/2/16

AHA survey: Hospitals appeal half of RAC claim denials 12/3/15

CMS announces RAC program improvements 11/9/15

AHA, hospitals ask court to compel HHS to comply with mandatory deadlines 11/9/15

CMS releases OPPS, ASC final rule with changes to two-midnight policy, 10/3/15

AHA survey: Hospitals appeal half of RAC claim denials, 9/10/15

CMS extends two-midnight partial enforcement delay 8/12/15

Hospital leaders urge Congress to support unique needs of rural patients, 7/28/15 

AHA to court: HHS' arguments for missing appeals deadlines lack merit 7/15/15

CMS withdraws request for quotes for next round of RAC contracts 7/14/15

CMS releases OPPS, ASC proposed rule with changes to two-midnight policy 7/1/15

AHA survey: Hospitals continue to appeal RAC claim denials 6/24/15

CMS updates Medicare appeals settlement numbers 6/12/15

Finance Committee approves chairman's mark of audit and appeal bill 6/3/15

AHA testifies at hearing on hospital observation stays, 5/20/15

AHA urges Congress to enact RAC reforms, 5/13/15

Boustany calls for 'smarter' regulation, 5/5/15

Representatives introduce AHA-supported bill to improve RAC program, 5/1/15

MedPAC recommends CMS withdraw two-midnight policy 4/2/15

CMS extends delay on RAC enforcement of two-midnight policy 4/1/15

AHA comments on MedPAC's draft policy recommendations 3/31/15

RAC contract provision would violate federal law, appeals court rules 3/13/15

OMHA to host Oct. 29 forum on audit appeals backlog,  10/16/14

AHA to CMS: Be clear about RAC fee under appeals settlement offer, 09/25/14

CMS can award new contracts for RACs, court rules, 08/22/14 

CMS announces limited restart of RAC reviews, 08/05/14

CMS delays awarding new RAC contracts, 06/27/14

AHA survey: Hospitals appealing half of RAC claim denials, 05/29/14

AHA, hospitals sue to require HHS to meet appeals deadlines, 05/23/14

House panel urged to provide relief on RACs, two-midnight policy, 05/20/14

Blunt urges passage of RAC reform legislation, 05/05/14

Challenges to two-midnight and related policies filed, 04/14/14

CMS issues FY 2012 report to Congress on Medicare RAC program, 03/27/14

Congressman urges HHS to modify RAC program,  03/19/14

Concerns with CMS rebilling policy remain, AHA and hospitals tell court, 3/10/14

AHA survey: Hospitals appealing half of RAC claim denials, 03/05/14

House members urge HHS secretary to immediately reform RAC process, 2/10/14

Survey shows increased RAC activity, 11/21/13

Supplemental briefs filed in AHA challenge of CMS rebilling policy, 10/31/13

OIG calls for action to improve RAC performance, 9/4/13

Survey shows increased RAC activity, 9/3/13

Medicare providers can register to rate their claims administration contractor, 7/29/13

AHA briefing highlights RAC overreach, 7/26/13

AHA, hospitals oppose government's effort to dismiss rebilling lawsuit, 6/28/13

Senate Finance Committee examines oversight of RACs, 6/25/13

AHA survey shows increase in RAC activity, 6/4/13

AHA urges changes to CMS proposed rule on rebilling, 5/22/13

AHA, hospitals lawsuit responds to revised rebilling policy, 4/22/13

AHA to CMS: Rebilling limitation unlawful and unfair, 4/18/13

CMS lowers RAC minimum record request limit for hospitals, other providers, 4/5/13

Bill would improve Medicare audit programs, 3/19/13

New CMS rules address rebilling, 3/13/13

AHA survey shows increase in RAC activity, 3/11/13

CMS issues annual report to Congress on Medicare RAC program, 2/6/13

AHA, hospitals seek expedited proceedings in challenge of CMS RAC policy, 12/13/12

AHA survey shows continued increase in RAC activity, 12/5/12

AHA-supported bill would make changes to RACs, other audit programs, 10/16/12

AHA survey shows dramatic increase in RAC activity, 08/22/12

CMS: Medicare prepayment review demonstration to begin in August, 07/30/12

AHA Submits Recommendations on Improving Audit Processes, 06/26/12

Senate seeks proposals for improving health care program integrity efforts, 05/02/12

AHA files amicus brief in 'observation' lawsuit, 04/30/12

CMS allows RACs to increase medical record requests, 03/16/12

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