Please download the AHA Claim and Summary Tool and save it to your hard drive. If you are using Microsoft Office 2007 and using Internet Explorer, you will have to save it to your hard drive in order for the file to open correctly.  After the tool has completely downloaded, open the file from the location it is saved on your hard drive. When the file is open, click on the Instructions tab. The Instructions tab describes all of the instructions on how to operate and navigate the tool. Please note that after entering data into the tool, the file tends to become quite large, so it is recommended that you save the tool in the CSV format at the end of every month.  Please check that the quarter and year are consistent with the open collection period in the web tool.  If these are not consistent, the user will be unable to upload the file.

NOTE: If the Excel tool becomes too slow, please consider setting Excel to "manually calculate". To do this in Excel, first click on "Tools", then "Options…", then click on the "Calculation" Tab. Under the Calculation section, select "Manual" and click "OK". 

This setting means that you MUST press the F9 key on your keyboard in order for the tool to calculate the data you have entered. It is suggested that you hit F9 after you have completed updating each tab so that the tool will generate error messages resulting from your data entry before moving on.

If you have an autosave feature selected and the Excel tool is too slow, please consider adjusting how frequently the auto save executes.  To do this, click on "Tools", then "Options", then click on the "Save" Tab. There you can decide how frequently autosave executes, or whether you want to disable it completely.



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