Does the organization prepare an annual community benefit report? (Part I, line 6a)

DISCUSSION: If you prepare a community benefit report annually, you can check yes.

You can check "yes" for this question even if you call your annual report something other than a "community benefit report" if it "describes the organization's programs and services that promote the health of the community or communities served by the organization." It does not need to be a separate report.

A hospital should provide information in some form to the community it serves describing its programs and services. The AHA has a resource available to members to provide them with a framework for providing this information to the community. The resource can be found at:

NARRATIVE REQUIRED: Yes. Part VI, line 1, if a related organization prepares the filing organization's community benefit report.

If you file a report on anything other than an annual basis (i.e., due to state requirements), it is recommended that you explain why in Part VI, line 1.


Our annual community benefit report is prepared by our parent organization [name]. The report can be found at [website link].We also mail it to organizations in our community.

Our annual community benefit report is prepared for the health system as a whole and can be found at [website link]. It includes information for X hospitals and tax-exempt entities.

Our state requires the filing of a community benefit report every 3 years, rather than on an annual basis. Our reporting is designed to conform to this standard.

INSTRUCTIONS: Click here for the applicable IRS Schedule H instructions.

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