Community information. Describe the community the organization serves, taking into account the geographic area and demographic constituents it serves.

DISCUSSION: This question requests information about the geography of the community served and the demographics of the residents in the served area. It is another opportunity to demonstrate the hospital is informed about the community and the residents it serves.

The hospital is in a rural setting, predominately agricultural based. The average income is at or below the FPG. The population is predominately Caucasian, high-school educated, and geriatric in nature.

The hospital is the largest healthcare system in the area serving two counties and surrounding areas. One of the counties has been designated a Medically Underserved area. Both counties have been designated a health shortage area. The service area includes small cities and surrounding suburbs, small towns and rural agricultural areas. The population includes a significant number of retired and active military personnel and large minority population, both African-American and Hispanic.

The hospital is located in a suburban county that is part of a large metropolitan area. With the service area rapidly expanding and the over 65 population expected to grow by over 18% in the next five years, the health care needs of our service area are expanding and changing. A projected 24% growth in the Hispanic population in the western area challenges us to accommodate diverse language and cultural needs.

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