If the organization is part of an affiliated health care system, describe the respective roles of the organization and its affiliates in promoting the health of the communities served.

DISCUSSION: For purposes of this question, an "affiliated health care system" is a system that includes affiliates under common governance or control, or that cooperate in providing health care services to their community or communities.

This is the only place on the Schedule H where information about the role and contribution of the health system parent in providing community benefit can be reported. We recommend you take advantage of this opportunity to describe the parent's role in providing or supporting community benefit activities, either by providing some narrative or by directing readers to the Statement of Program Service Accomplishments. For additional information, click here.

The Hospital's sole corporate member is XXX, a 501(c)(3) corporation. Other affiliates include a day surgery center and a foundation, both 501(c)(3) entities. In addition to community benefit activities of the hospital, XXX funds community benefit, community wellness initiatives, including the operation or financial support of clinics serving an indigent population.

The XXX is a member of a community-owned health system that includes six acute care hospitals, as well as numerous outpatient services and clinics. The parent company of the system performs the needs assessments for its hospitals. Utilizing this needs assessment, the system coordinates community benefits programs for the system through planning, developing, implementing and funding programs that address community needs. On behalf of the system, the parent also funds the majority of the cash contributions to unrelated organizations that promote community health and wellness.

To access the instructions for Schedule H click here.

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