Schedule H Practice Website: An Educational Tool

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This site is currently designed with the 2009 Schedule H in mind. The IRS is working on a new version of the Schedule H that will include significant reporting changes, including how facilities are reported. We recommend talking to your tax advisor before completing your return.

The following "mock" Schedule H is a tool designed to help tax-exempt hospitals complete the Form 990, Schedule H. This "mock" Schedule H presents questions in the order and format required by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), provides a narrative explanation and a link to IRS instructions for each question, and indicates whether a narrative response is required for each question. When a narrative response is required by the Schedule, sample narrative responses have been provided. These sample narratives have been taken primarily from actual Schedule H forms completed by hospitals in AHA's "Mock H" project. Due to the importance of Schedule H, appropriate hospital staff, including finance, tax, and the community benefit department, should be involved in the collection of information and review of the completed schedule. This tool is not intended to be a substitute for your Schedule H submission. For this reason, calculations have not been included on this site.

The filing organization must report on Schedule H information about licensed hospitals that are operated in the United States directly or indirectly by the filing organization, including hospitals operated through a disregarded entity or a joint venture in which the hospital has an ownership interest. The filing organization's proportionate share (as measured by its capital account percentage listed on Schedule K-1) of any hospital joint venture should be included in response to all questions, and in all calculations on the worksheets. In addition, a filing organization must report information from other facilities or programs of the organization or any disregarded entity, even if provided by a facility that is not a hospital or provided separately from the hospital's license. Hospitals operated by entities organized separately from the filing organization that are treated as corporations for federal tax purposes should not be reported on Schedule H, unless the filing organization files a group return and such corporations are members included in the group return.

Some questions on this Schedule H website include a notation suggesting that the question and/or instructions would benefit from further clarification by the IRS. Those notations are an effort to suggest improvements to the Schedule for the benefit of filing organizations, the IRS, and the public who read and use these forms. For example, some notations include the suggestion to allow a narrative for questions that may not require it.

Throughout the website, symbols are used to highlight areas of focus. The symbol is used to warn when a particular item requires special attention, as the instructions may require clarity or the issues presented by the question may be of critical importance to correctly answering the Schedule H. The symbol is used to indicate that the question requires additional narrative in Part VI of the Schedule H.

The information on this Schedule H Practice Website is provided only as an interactive educational tool providing information related to the Form 990, Schedule H. It is not intended to be, nor may it be construed as, legal or tax advice. Organizations are advised to consult their own legal and tax advisors regarding the application of Form 990 and Schedule H to their specific circumstances.

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