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Leapfrog Group Hospital Survey Results

  • America's hospitals are dedicated to making continual improvements in patient care and safety.
  • Every day, hospitals, doctors, nurses and other caregivers work together to improve care. There are many checks and balances in place to ensure quality of care within hospitals. State and federal governments, along with national accrediting bodies, oversee the care in hospitals. Internal quality improvement processes are also in place to continually improve care. [DETAIL HOW YOUR HOSPITAL ENSURES PATIENT SAFETY AND QUALITY.]
  • Improving quality and patient safety requires employers, health plans, hospitals and other providers to continue to work together. The business community's active involvement in quality issues brings a vital and welcome perspective to the table.
  • But, we're concerned that the Leapfrog Group's approach over-simplifies the complex task of improving quality and seems to suggest that a one-size-fits-all solution will work for every hospital in any kind of community.
  • The three areas identified by the Leapfrog Group for improving quality and patient safety - computerized physician order entry, intensive care unit staffing and volume of procedures performed - may help improve patient outcomes, but they are neither the best nor the only indicators of an institution's quality.

On computerized physician order entry: This a promising new technology; however, there isn't an off-the-shelf system for hospitals to buy today. Custom designing such systems is costly and takes time.
On "intensivists": There aren't enough intensivists - physicians specially trained to care for patients in the ICU - available today for hospitals to meet this requirement.
On steering patients to hospitals that perform a large number of certain surgical procedures: Patients choose their hospitals and doctors based on a number of factors. And many factors contribute to good health care outcomes. Patient preference and choice are important factors that need to be part of the equation.

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