Talking Points - "John Q"

  • In typical Hollywood fashion, this movie depicts an everyday situation in which an organ transplant is needed and takes it to the extreme. The movie is an inaccurate and unfair portrayal of what takes place in hospitals.
  • What is troubling is that the movie portrays violence as something admirable. Violence is never the answer. Unfortunately, too often, the men and women who work in the nation's emergency departments have to deal with real-world fear and violence in their jobs.
  • While there are many problems with our fragmented health care system, the compassion and heart of those who work in health care isn't one of them. The people who serve on the front lines of health care have some of the toughest jobs in America. The movie's portrayal of them is far off the mark.
  • For millions of Americans, hospitals find ways to give them needed care, regardless of ability to pay. Each year, hospitals provide billions of dollars of care for those without insurance or who are unable to pay.
  • The more realistic and serious issue is the lack of available organs for transplants.
  • According to the Coalition on Donation, nearly 80,000 people are currently awaiting an organ transplant in the U.S. More than 2,500 are children. That's why it's important that people talk about their wishes with their family as well as sign an organ donor card.


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