Certified Healthcare Facility Manager

  CHFM status provides both internal and external rewards. CHFMs enjoy the pride of recognition of being among the elite in a critical field of healthcare.  And CHFM is a premier credential based on a sound assessment that provides distinction in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Updated CHFM Exam with new 2012 edition of NFPA 99 released March 1, 2017.  For resources, please click here.  To register for the updated CHFM Exam, click here.

The CHFM Program has three components:

  • Eligibility requirements that are a blend of education and healthcare-specific experience, and profile the individual who is likely to be successful on the Certification Examination
  • A 110-item multiple-choice Certification Examination that tests tasks that are performed regularly in practice and are considered important to competent practice.  100 items are scored; 10 are pretest items used to collect data
  • A renewal requirement. Certification is valid for three years at which time it must be renewed through retaking and passing the Certification Examination or documenting 45 contact hours of continuing professional education

As the industry and job responsibilities evolve, test questions need to be revised to keep the exam current and relevant. These revisions are based on a job analysis survey completed by a large number of ASHE members.

The CHFM Examination Resource List contains a list of publications and websites that candidates may find useful to prepare for the Examination. Click here for the listing.

Candidate Handbook and Application The CHFM Candidate Handbook and Application contains eligibility requirements, a complete content outline for the Examination, sample test items, instructions on applying for the Examination, and an application. Download the pdf file of the CHFM Candidate Handbook and Application (24 pages), or request a copy from AMP at 888/519-9901.

The CHFM Self-Assessment Examination is an online study tool that parallels the CHFM Certification Examination in format, content and cognitive levels.

To see some sample questions representative of those on the CHFM SAE, complete the CHFM SAE Demo.  If you are already certified, complete the CHFM SAE for five (5) hours reportable toward CHFM Certification renewal requirements.

Click here to purchase the SAE by credit card.

Renewal Application Instructions - The CHFM Renewal Application Instructions describes provisions for certification renewal and criteria for acceptable continuing professional education. Download the CHFM Renewal Application Instructions (4 pages).

The CHFM Examination is administered at AMP Assessment Centers.  Apply online here.
The AHA Certification Center contracts with Applied Measurement Professionals, Inc. (AMP) for exam administration and other services.

CHFM Fees:   Examination - $275 member / $425 nonmember
                        Renewal - $135 member / $225 nonmember
                        Self Assessment Exam (SAE) - $115 member / $200 nonmember
                        Logo - $10 (for certificants only)



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