Frequently Asked Questions


1.  What are the benefits of becoming certified by the American Hospital Association Certification Center (AHA-CC)?

2.  What programs does the AHA-CC offer to eligible candidates?

3.  What is the certification process? 

4.  What is required to take an Examination administered by the AHA-CC? 

5.  What is tested on the Examination? 

6.  What is the Candidate Handbook and Application? 

7.  How do I study for the Examination?  Is a practice test available? 

8.  What is the cost of the Examination? 

9.  How often is the Examination administered?  Where is it administered? 

10. How do I apply for the Examination? 

11. How long does it take for AMP to process my Examination application? 

12. How do I schedule the Examination? 

13. What are the policies for refunding fees? 

14. What if I can't make the Examination or I arrive late? 

15. How long do I have to wait to find out whether I passed the Examination?    

16. What score do I need to pass the Examination?  

17. When will I receive my certificate of achievement?

18. What if I fail the Examination?  How often can I take it?  

19. What is required to maintain my certification status?

20. How do I renew my certification?  What is the cost to do so?

21. I failed the Examination and want to challenge my score.  is there a policy to appeal the decision?

22. Is there a code of ethics required of AHA certificants?

23. Who do I contact for more information?


1. What are the benefits of becoming certified by the AHA Certification Center?
Achieving a certification awarded by the AHA-CC may allow healthcare professionals to distinguish themself in an increasingly competitive marketplace and provide a competitive advantage to the individual and their organization.  Certification is an indicator of specialty knowledge of a healthcare field as assessed by an Examination.  As a voluntary process, earning certification illustrates commitment to career development and dedication to the profession.

Other potential benefits of earning the certification include the following:

  • Verify/validate own knowledge and skills
  • Enhance professional credibility
  • Promote recognition from peers and/or employer
  • Enhance feeling of accomplishment
  • Increase confidence in ability to perform job responsibilities
  • Demonstrate commitment to professional growth
  • Increase marketability, give a competitive edge
  • Meet a job/employer requirement
  • Increase potential for higher salary
  • Increase value of services provided by your employer
  • Better opportunities for career advancement
  • Respect of colleagues/peers
  • Personal gratification
  • Prestige
  • Increased networking opportunities

2. What programs does the AHA-CC offer to eligible candidates?

  • CHC - Certified Healthcare Constructor
  • CHESP - Certified Healthcare Environmental Services Professional
  • CHFM - Certified Healthcare Facility Manager
  • CHHR - Certified in Healthcare Human Resources
  • CMRP - Certified Materials and Resource Professional
  • CPHRM - Certified Professional in Healthcare Risk Management

3. What is the certification process?
All certification programs conducted by the AHA-CC require candidates to complete the following:

  • Fully satisfy eligibility requirements that are a blend of formal education and professional healthcare experience.
  • Achieve a passing score on a multiple-choice Examination that assesses knowledge of tasks performed regularly in the healthcare profession and are considered important to competent practice in the profession.
  • Fulfill certification renewal requirements.  To retain the certification, certificants must meet certification renewal requirements every three (3) years.

Healthcare professionals who meet fully the eligibility requirements and achieve a passing score on the qualifying Examination are awarded the certification.

4. What is required to take an Examination administered by the AHA-CC?
The certification programs administered by the AHA-CC are experienced-based and healthcare-specific.  All candidates are upheld fully to the program's eligibility requirements.  Exceptions are not granted.  Eligibility requirements include a blend of formal education and healthcare experience in the profession.

For requirements specific to each program, refer to the program's Candidate Handbook and Application.

5. What is tested on the Examination?
Each AHA-CC certification Examination assesses knowledge of tasks that are derived from a thorough job analysis study conducted with practitioners. The results of the study are used to develop the framework for the Examination that is known as the Examination Content Outline and contains the following:

  • Tasks that were identified as being performed regularly in the profession and important to competent practice
  • Grouping of the tasks into major content domains
  • Number of items on the Examination dedicated to each domain
  • Number of items on the Examination within a content domain dedicated to testing recall or recognition of facts, comprehension or application of knowledge, and analysis or synthesis of information used to problem-solve.

Each AHA-CC certification Examination is structured as follows:

  • Questions formatted as four-option, multiple-choice
  • Contains 100 scored items
  • Contains pre-test or unscored items used for data collection purposes that do not affect your score.  The CHESP, CHFM, CHHR, CMRP, and CPHRM Examinations include ten (10) pre-test items and the CHC Examination has 15.  Two (2) hours are allowed to complete the Examination.

For a copy of the Examination Content Outline for a program, refer to the program's Candidate Handbook and Application.

6. What is the Candidate Handbook and Application?

The Candidate Handbook and Application for each program contains the following information:

  • Program eligibility requirements
  • Examination Content Outline
  • Sample questions to illustrate question format
  • Examination registration procedures
  • Examination adminitration process
  • Overview of certification renewal provisions
  • Examination application

To obtain a copy of the Candidate Handbook and Application for a program, download from this web site or call Applied Measurement Professionals, Inc. at 888.519.9901.

7. How do I study for the Examination? Is a practice test available?
The certification Examinations are experience-based and not based on a single program of study.  Candidates may prepare for the Examination in a manner of their choice.  Some methods of preparation include but are not limited to the following methods:

  • Begin with review of the Examination Content Outline to identify the tasks that you do not perform regularly or with which you are not familiar.
  • Form study groups with other candidates who are preparing for the Examination.
  • Shadow experts in the areas covered on the Examination for which you may have limited experience.
  • Network and learn from others.
  • Complete the online Self-Assessment Examinations (SAEs) available for purchase for most of the AHA-CC Certification Programs.  These practice tests were developed by the AHA-CC and parallel the corresponding certification Examination in format, content, cognitive level, and difficulty.  After completing an SAE, the participant receives reports that may be helpful to further prepare for the certification Examination.  For information about the SAE, click here
  • Complete education or review courses offered by the AHA Personal Membership Groups (PMGs).  The collaborating PMGs offerings vary but may include study guides, online review course, and Examination preparation classes based on the same content outline upon which the certification Examination is based.  For information about the education programs, visit the collaborating PMG's web site.

8. What is the cost of the Examination?
Members of an AHA PMG are eligible for reduced rates.  The certification Examination fees are as follows.  All fees are non-refundable.

  • CHESP, CHFM, CMRP and CPHRM:  Member fee is $275 and nonmember fee is $425
  • CHHR:  Member fee is $295 and nonmember fee is $425
  • CHC:  Member fee is $400 and nonmember fee is $570
  • Retaking an Examination:  Full fee as listed above.
  • Taking an Examination to renew the certification:  Full fee as listed above.
  • Rescheduling an Examination more than once:  $100 for each rescheduled date

To receive the member rate, candidates registering for an Examination must enter their PMG number, name and contact information exactly as it is listed in the candidate's member record.  New members will be recognized in the exam administration system about one (1) week after membership is activated.

For information about joining a PMG, contact the Member Services Center at 312.422.2765.

9. How often is the Examination administered? Where is it administered?
When:  Monday through Saturday at 9:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m., with the exception of some holidays.

Where:  At over 200 AMP (Applied Measurement Professionals, Inc.) Assessment Centers located throughout the United States.  For a listing of locations, visit the AMP web site.

On occasion, Examinations are offered in laptop or paper-and-pencil format during annual meetings of AHA PMGs or affiliated chapters.  Dates of scheduled special administrations and deadlines for Examination registration are posted on this web site.

10. How do I apply for the Examination? Can I apply online?
By submitting an Examination application, Candidates certify that they meet fully the eligibility requirements, have read all portions of the Candidate Handbook and Application, and agree to abide by all regulations contained therein the Handbook. The AHA-CC reserves the right, but is not obligated, to verify accuracy of information supplied by or on behalf of a candidate.

Eligible candidates may apply for a computer-based administration at an AMP Assessment Center in the following ways:

  • Online with credit card payment at
  • By mail or fax using the Examination application in the Candidate Handbook.  Submit the application and payment to AMP as directed on the Application.

Candidates applying to take a special administration of an Examination, e. g., at a conference or other event, must mail or fax in the Examination application for that administration to AMP as directed on the application.

To receive the member rate, candidates registering for an exam must enter their PMG number, name and contact information exactly as it is listed in their member record.

11. How long does it take for AMP to process my Examination application?

  • With online registration, payment processing is immediate and candidates can schedule a testing date and location during the registration process.  Confirmation of scheduling is immediate.
  • With registration submitted by mail or fax, generally about two (2) weeks after AMP's receipt of a candidate's completed application and appropriate fee, AMP emails and mails a confirmation notice of eligibility with instructions on how to schedule the Examination.

Candidates who do not receive a confirmation notice generally within four (4) weeks of submitting an Examination application should contact AMP at 888.519.9901.  AMP will advise what further action is required.

Incomplete applications delay the application processing and are subject to an additional processing fee.

12. How do I schedule the Examination?
Candidates applying online for an administration at an AMP Assessment Center:

  • Are prompted to schedule the Examination appointement during the same online session.
  • Must schedule a date, time and location to take and complete the Examination that is no more than ninety (90) days from the date the confirmation notice was issued by AMP.  The confirmation notice provides a website address and a toll free telephone number for scheduling the Examination appointment with AMP.

13. What are the policies on refunding fees?
All Exam-related fees are non-refundable.

14. What if I can't make the Examination or I arrive late?
All provisions are stated in the Candidate Handbook and Application.  Some provisions are as follows:

  • With two-days advance notice to AMP and in compliance with provisions as stated in the Candidate Handbook and Application, a candidate may reschedule once at no charge.  Each subsequent rescheduling is subjected to a $100 fee.
  • A candidate who arrives more than 10 minutes late for an Examination appointment or fails to show up for a scheduled Examination session is allowed to reschedule for a $100 fee, payable to AMP.  The Examination must be rescheduled and completed within ninety (90) days of the originally scheduled date.
  • Candidates who fail to adhere to the ninety (90) day window must submit a new application and full Examination fee to take the test.

15. How long do I have to wait to find out whether I passed the Examination?

  • Candidates completing the computer-based Examination receive a score report indicating Pass/Fail status at the conclusion of the test session, unless an exam is in a data collection mode.
  • Candidates completing a paper-and-pencil Examination or newly released Examination, receive the score report from AMP via mail generally four (4) to six (6) weeks after the test date.
16. What score do I need to pass the Examination?

The minimum passing score is the minimum number of correct answers (out of 100 scored test items) needed to pass the Examination.  Minimum passing scores are set independently for each Examination and for each new version of an Examination.

The passing score for the current edition of The Examinations are as follows:

Minimum Passing Score
 CHC  69
 CHHR  73
 CMRP  70
 CPHRM  72

Score reports issued to candidates indicate the following:

  • “Pass” or a “Fail” based on the passing score for the Examination
  • Raw score or number of correct answers, on the total scored items of the Examination
  • Raw scores by major categories of the Examination Content Outline.  Responses to individual Examination questions will not be disclosed to the candidate.

Scores are confidential and will be released only to the candidate in writing unless the candidate gives written permission to release the score to a third party.

17. When will I receive my certificate of achievement?

Generally about four (4) to six (6) weeks after the test date, eligible candidates who received a passing score on the certification Examination will receive from the AHA-CC a certificate of achievement, lapel pin, and information about the certification program.

18. What if I fail the Examination?  How often can I take it?
There are no limits to the number of times a candidate may attempt the Examination.  All provisions apply for retaking, including submitting to AMP an application and full Examination fee for each attempt to retake an Examination.

19. What is required to maintain my certification status?
Provisions for certification renewal include the following:

  • Certification expires three (3) years from the last day of the month in which the certification was earned or renewed.
  • To maintain certified status, certificants must meet fully certification renewal requirements every three (3) years.
  • Certification renewal can be achieved in one of the following ways:

    - Retaking and passing the Examination within one (1) year prior to the expiration date
    - Participating in forty-five (45) contact hours of eligible continuing professional education

  • Failure to renew the certification prior to the expiration date results in removal of the designation.  To regain the designation, the individual must retake and pass the certification Examination.
  • Certificants are fully responsible for meeting the certification renewal requirements.  The AHA-CC sends courtesy reminders of pending certification expiration to certificants at the address in the certificant's record.  The AHA-CC is not responsible for communications not received due to incorrect contact information.

For more information about the certification renewal requirements, refer to the Certification Renewal Application for the program available from this web site.

20. How do I renew my certification?  What is the cost to do so?
For certification renewal by retaking and passing the Examination:

  • All Examination fees and policies apply.  Submit application and fees to AMP and schedule the Examination date/location with AMP.
  • Complete the Examination no more than one (1) year prior to the certification expiration date.
  • Retain a copy of the application for your records.
  • Submit to the AHA-CC with the Certification Renewal Application a copy of the AMP-issued score report that indicates you received a passing score on the Examination.
  • Submit completed Certification Renewal Application up to one (1) year prior and no later than thirty (30) days prior to the certification expiration date.
  • There is no additonal renewal application processing fee.

For certification renewal by participation in eligible professional development activities:

  • Participate in at least forty-five (45) hours of eilgible professional development activity during the current three (3) year renewal period.  Retain for your records proof of attendance, as well as the program agenda that substantiates content covered and length of the education completed.
  • Complete the Certification Renewal Application and provide required information for all eligible education activities completed.
  • Do not submit documentation for the reported activity unless requested to do so by the AHA-CC.
  • Submit the application and payment (payable to the AHA-CC) as directed on the application.
  • Certification renewal processing fees are:

   - $135 for a member of a PMG of the AHA
   - $225 for a nonmember

Total processing time for Certification Renewal Applications is generally four (4) to six (6) weeks.

Certification Renewal Applications may be downloaded from this web site.

21. I failed the Examination and want to challenge my score. Is there a policy to appeal the decision?
The AHA Certification Center has a formal mechanism for addressing an appeal by a candidate who:

  • Believes they were unjustly denied eligibility for Examination;
  • Challenges results of an Examination; or
  • Believes they were unjustly denied renewal of certification.

For more information on the appeals process, refer to the Candidate Handbook and Application.

22. Is there a code of ethics required of AHA certificants?
AHA certificants are required to adhere to the Professional Standards of Conduct developed by the AHA-CC.  A candidate’s signature on an application for the Examination or a Renewal Application attests to adherence to these standards and all the provisions contained in the Candidate Handbook and Application.  Click here for the AHA Certification Center’s Professional Standards of Conduct All candidates agree to abide by the policies and procedures stated in the program's Candidate Handbook and Application.

23. Who do I contact for more information?
For more information about:

  • . . . . the Certification Programs, eligibility requirements, and certification renewal, contact the AHA-CC at 312.422.3702 or
  • . . . . registering for the Examination, submitting the Examination application, and confirmation of registration, contact AMP at 888.519.9901 or
  • . . . . review courses or other Examination preparation materials, contact the PMG.

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  • . . . . joining a PMG, contact the AHA Member Services Center at 312.422.2765.

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