Program Information - Benefits of Certification

Why should I get certified -- what’s in it for me?
Earning your field’s professional certification accomplishes several tasks for you as a professional
and an individual:

  • Validates your expertise.
    Earning your Certification shows the world that you’ve earned a high mark if distinction in your field.
  • Connects you to other experts in your field.
    You’ll have opportunities to network with other certificants in your field to share best practices and learn new techniques.
  • Increases your professional stature.
    Earning your Certification creates opportunities in your career path. Whether you increase your responsibilities within your current position or seek new positions elsewhere, earning your Certification adds credibility and sets you apart from others.

Why should I encourage my staff to get certified?
Continuing professional development is one of the keys to staff retention. Encouraging your staff to pursue their AHA certification benefits the individual and your facility:

  • Content linked to real-world tasks.`
    To lay the groundwork for certification, each professional membership society conducted a role delineation study.  This study defines the body of knowledge for the profession. This means that, during the preparation, your staff will be reviewing and learning information that is directly applicable to their day-to-day tasks.
  • Test items assess more than memorization.
    Certification Examinations measure competence, not “book learning.” The review process reinforces staff knowledge. New information gained during the process is practical for your facility. 
  • Convenient review and administration.
    Certification doesn’t require a prolonged commitment away from work or expensive courses. The review process can be completed online or with other resources, and the Examination itself can be scheduled at the candidate’s convenience at over 140 Assessment Centers throughout the United States. Also, Examinations are often administered during the annual conferences of collaborating Personal Membership Groups of the American Hospital Association, a conference your staff might already be planning to attend.

Earning an AHA professional Certification helps build a career path for your critical staff, providing strategic educational goals. Facilitate their development by providing Certification review materials and tools, encouraging them to take the Examination and supporting renewal on an ongoing basis.




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