Professional Standards of Conduct

The following Professional Standards of Conduct are excerpted from Regulations for Certification Programs Conducted by the AHA Certification Center.

Purpose:  To be certified, a candidate for certification or renewal of certification is required to adhere to Professional Standards of Conduct developed by the AHA-CC.  The candidate’s signature on the application for certification or renewal of certification attests to adherence to the Standards as stated in the following Provision.

Text of the Standards:  Professional Standards of Conduct, as presented to a candidate or certificant, follow.

The AHA Certification Center is responsible to its candidates, certificants, employers, the profession and the public for ensuring the integrity of all processes and products of its Certification Programs.  As such, the AHA Certification Center requires adherence to these Professional Standards of Conduct by all who have achieved certification through successful completion of its programs.

Professional Standards of Conduct:  A certificant who is awarded certification by the AHA Certification Center agrees to conduct himself / herself in an ethical and professional manner.  This includes demonstrating practice-related behavior that is indicative of professional integrity.  By accepting certification, the certificant agrees to:

  • Maintain professional competence;
  • Demonstrate work behavior that exemplifies ability to perform safely, competently and with good judgment;
  • Conduct professional activities with honesty and integrity;
  • Avoid discriminating against any individual based on age, gender, race, color, religion, national origin, disability or marital status;
  • Avoid conflicts of interest;
  • Abide by the laws, rules and regulations of duly authorized agencies regulating the profession; and
  • Abide by rules and regulations governing programs conducted by the AHA Certification Center.

Infraction of these Professional Standards of Conduct is misconduct for which granting of a certification or renewal of a certification may be delayed or denied, or for which a certification may be revoked by the AHA Certification Center.

Reporting Violations:  To protect the national credentials and to ensure responsible practice by its certificants, the AHA Certification Center depends upon its candidates and certificants, professionals, employers, regulatory agencies and the public to report incidents that may be in violation of these Professional Standards of Conduct.  A certificant who has violated these Standards should voluntarily surrender his / her certification.

Written reports of infraction of these Standards may be sent to: President, AHA Certification Center, One North Franklin, Chicago, IL  60606.  Only signed, written communication will be considered.

The AHA Certification Center will become involved only in matters that can be factually determined, and commits to handling any situation as fairly and expeditiously as possible.  During its investigation and decision, the AHA Certification Center will protect the confidentiality of those who provide information to every possible extent. The named individual will be afforded every opportunity to respond in a professional and legally defensible manner, in accord with policies established by the AHA Certification Center.

A candidate’s signature on an application for Examination or renewal attests to adherence to Professional Standards of Conduct.


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