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April news

American health care is so messed up that an entire industry has been created to help navigate it (MarketWatch, April 27, 2017)

House Republicans fall short n scramble for vote on new health-care proposal (Washington Post, April 27, 2017)

Doctor, hospital groups say GOP health bill worse with changes (Bloomberg, April 27, 2017)

Healthcare groups denounce revised GOP health bill (The Hill, April 27, 2017)

Key industry groups blast amended Obamacare repeal bill (Talking Points Memo, April 27, 2017)

Doctors, hospitals oppose new Obamacare repeal plan (Washington Examiner, April 27, 2017)

Doctors, hospitals say latest Trumpcare version a bigger disaster (Forbes, April 27, 2017)

5 things to know about health care subsidies (Kaiser, April 26, 2017)

Hospitals call on Trump administration to end mandatory bundled pay program (Modern, April 24, 2017)

Community ratings, essential benefits at center of new GOP push to replace ACA (Modern, April 20, 2017)

Groups warn of rural health ‘crisis’ under Obamacare repeal (The Hill, April 19, 2017)

Hospital inspections, kept secret, may soon become public (PBS, April 19, 2017)

How health systems can provide better care for seniors (Forbes, April 19, 2017)

Trump reversals hint at Wall Street wing’s sway in White House (New York Times, April 12, 2017)

Leading healthcare groups urge Trump to fund Obamacare payments (The Hill, April 12, 2017)

Business lobby urges Trump to quickly fund insurance stabilization payments (Modern, April 12, 2017)

Health care industry groups, Chamber of Commerce ask Trump to keep O’Care subsidies (Talking Points Memo, April 12, 2017)


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