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#MyHospital - What does your hospital give to your community?

Join the AHA’s #MyHospital digital campaign by sharing photos or videos with the AHA highlighting the important role hospitals play in their community using the tag #MyHospital.

The AHA will promote the photos and videos during National Hospital Week, May 7 – 13. Stand with hospitals and patients across the country and tell lawmakers why we must protect hospital care from further cuts.

Create your own content!

Simply use your smartphone to take a picture or create a short video of your employees and hospital leaders, sharing what your hospital means to your community. Focus on answering the question: "What does my hospital bring to my community?"

  • Does it strengthen your community through working directly with families in need?
  • Does it treat your community’s most vulnerable by working with the uninsured?
  • Does it inspire you to do good beyond the walls of your hospital?
  • Does it put a smile on your face when you connect with patients?
  • Do you feel a sense of LOYALTY, PRIDE, EMPATHY because of the great things your hospital does for your friends, family and community?

Download a sample template here.

As soon as you record your photo or video, simply share it with AHA by using #MyHospital on Twitter, Facebook, Vine or Instagram.

Need some inspiration? Check out some examples below 

 my hospital image my hospital image 2 My hospital image 3  my hopistal image 4 

Tips for videos:

  • Shorter is better. Vine and Instagram limit you to anywhere from six seconds to 15 seconds for filming so it is important that viewers should be able to watch quickly and digest your point.
  • Be creative. Visit the frequently asked questions at the bottom of this page for more ideas of how you can use audio, music or white boards to get your point across.

What happens next? 

The AHA will promote the photos and videos during National Hospital Week, May 7 -13. We will also share your messages all week via social media.

Show your support on Facebook or Twitter!

Don’t have time to make your own photo or video? Simply download and share the images below to share your own support for #MyHospital!

 share graphic hospital H  share graphic community 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. How do I start my project and what are some good ideas to get hospital staff to participate?
  2. I’ve created my project, now what?
  3. What are some recommendations on the best way to shoot a video?
  4. Do I need a disclosure form for each person I film? 

Click here for a sample script to give to your employees.

Still have questions? Email Emily Gustafson, AHA’s associate director of digital media, at


1. How do I go about starting my project and what are some good ideas of how to get hospital staff to participate? 

The goal of this project is to share the real faces of America’s hospitals. We want real footage, with real people – professional photographers or videographers are not required! See question #3 for tips on how best to shoot a smartphone video.

Choose a day for filming and let people know well in advance about the opportunity. Make sure your location is easily accessible and that you provide a small incentive for participation, like refreshments or healthy snacks. Provide staff with a sample script (click here) and make sure they are aware that this will be posted online and, therefore, they must sign a release form. See question #5 for more information on disclosures.

2. I’ve created my project, now what?

Now that you have completed your video, make sure to include a caption with your video with the hashtag #MyHospital and tag @AHAhospitals. Then share it on Twitter. Submit the video and enter by May 7, for your chance to join this meaningful campaign.

With Instagram: When you view an Instagram video, you can click a “Share” button that allows you to email yourself code. Paste that code into your blog post or web page and the video will be viewable from that page, very similar to Vine and other apps. Embedded videos will show your user name and the Instagram logo – this way, your hospital can display the video as well!

3. What are some recommendations on the best way to shoot a video? 

 Audio (video) – The microphones in a smartphone are sensitive, so it’s important to avoid any unwanted background noise. Use the employee lounge or a quiet room to record your video – ask that folks stop by on their break and meet in a quiet location. When you’re viewing a video on Instagram, the sound is controlled by your device’s volume setting. If your phone is set to silent, the video will play with no sound.

 Interested in creating a video without sound or with musical background? Consider using a white board and writing a word or a phrase that highlights the important elements of what your hospital provides to your community (e.g., “Makes people smile” or “Provides access to rural America”). If you’d rather use music as your audio, check out apps such as Flipagram where you can pull from existing images to create video and overlay audio tracks.  

 Focus – Have a tripod available? Use it. Steady, balanced shots can make a huge difference for any video captured through a smartphone. If you don’t have a tripod, balance or lean against something firm for support.

 Frame - Consider the position and angle where you’re taking the shot from, as well as where the subject sits within the frame. Vine and Instagram offer users a square crop, so it’s worth considering with every shot.

 Lighting - Make sure that the background is not brighter than where the subject is located. If it is brighter, the camera’s lens might close down and the subject will be darker.  

 Timing - With such short shots, good timing is critical. If you’re trying something elaborate, it’s a good idea to practice it beforehand.

4. Do I need a disclosure form for each person I film? 

As these will be posted online, we highly suggest the use of disclosure forms for all staff participating. Please follow your hospital media production and video release procedure and operate in accordance with HIPAA guidelines.

You can help change health care for the better. Because there is great work being done every hour, of every day, every year, for every patient. That’s powerful. And it begins with you. Share your story today.

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