Accountable Care Organizations

An AHA Research Synthesis Report

Accountable Care Organizations: An AHA Synthesis Report presents an overview of accountable care organizations (ACOs) and their possible impact. It offers key questions to consider in developing an ACO and it reviews the key competencies that are needed in order to be an accountable care organization.

The report focuses on the overall concept of ACOs. And also provides special focus on the specifics of the ACO model put forward in the health reform legislation. It is one of several demonstration programs under the administration of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. For that reason, the information therein is timely and of high interest in the current health care environment.

The report concludes with discussions of six key questions surrounding ACOs.

  1. What are the key competencies required of ACOs?
  2. How will ACOs address physician barriers to integration?
  3. What are the legal and regulatory barriers to effective ACO implementation?
  4. How can ACOs maintain patient satisfaction and engagement?
  5. How will quality benchmarks be established?
  6. How will savings be shared among ACOs?

An appendix to the report includes a preliminary question and answer form about ACOs published by the CMS and the Office of Legislation. The report also includes a list of relevant references as well as summaries of the references.

Accountable Care Organizations: An AHA Research Synthesis Report, is the second in a series of reports presented by the American Hospital Association Committee on Research. These reports synthesize key literature on issues relating to the AHA's 2010-2012 research agenda. The first report, on bundled payment, is available here.



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