2004 AHA Policy Research

Impact of Limited-service Providers on Communities and Full-service Hospitals, (pdf) TrendWatch, September 2004
This issue of TrendWatch highlights the trends and implications of the growth of physician-owned limited-service providers.
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The Economic Contributions of Hospitals (pdf), Trendwatch, May 2004
This TrendWatch highlights the importance of hospitals to the national economy and hospitals’ contribution to their communities through expenditures and job creation.
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Hospital Capacity and Emergency Department Diversion: Four Community Case Studies (ppt), April 2004
A study commissioned by AHA and conducted by The Lewin Group looks specifically at communities’ hospital capacity and how it changes by day and time of day to get a better understanding of the multiple factors that are leading to ED diversions. 28 hospitals in 4 communities were asked to track inpatient and ED capacity as well as ED diversions at various times over a three day period.

The Value of Investment in Health Care: Better Care, Better Lives (pdf), Executive Summary, January 2004
This report conducted by MedTAP for the Value Group coalition, reveals that without our investment in health care, in the year 2000 there would have been 470,000 more deaths, 2.3 million more people with disabilities, and 206 million more days spent in the hospital. It documents the dynamic advances in health, lifespan and quality of life due to investments in health care.
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From 1999 to 2005, The Lewin Group provided objective analysis to support AHA policy development. As a research and consulting organization, The Lewin Group did not advocate for, or endorse positions on specific policy issues. 


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