Scanning the Headlines: Outpatient PPS

Updated on April 11, 2006

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Proposed OPPS rule offers modest changes.  ED Management.  17(9):104-106, Sept. 2005.

Draft ASC list "mixed bag," industry says.  OR Manager.  21(1):26, Jan. 2005.

Hospital outpatient payments to rise by 3.3%.  OR Manager.  20(12):5, 7, Dec. 2004.

Fong, T.  Change is not so bad.  Modern Healthcare.  34(33):12, Aug. 16, 2004.

Prophet-Bowman, S.  Observation services present compliance challenges.  Journal of AHIMA.  74(3):60-65, Mar. 2003.

Outpatient payments to rise by 3.7% in 2003.  OR Manager.  18(12):7-8, Dec. 2002.

ASC payment update announced.  OR Manager.  18(12):8, Dec. 2002.

Micheletti, J. A., Berger, S., and Grujanac, L.  10 tips for avoiding APC traps.  Healthcare Financial Management.  56(12):64-68, Dec. 2002.

2003 changes proposed for outpatient payments.  OR Manager.  18(10):11, 14, Oct. 2002.

What to expect from new OPPS.  ED Management.  14(10):117-118, Oct. 2002.

Baker, J. J.  Medicare payment system for ambulatory surgical centers.  Journal of Health Care Finance.  28(3):76-87, Spring 2002.

Grimaldi, P. L.  Medicare's fee schedule for hospital outpatient care.  Journal of Health Care Finance.  28(3):14-31, Spring 2002.

Ault, T., and Ferman, J.  What surgeons should know about...  Bulletin of The American College of Surgeons.  87(4)10-14, ?.  

Manson, L. A., and Baptist, A. J.  Assessing the cost-effectiveness of provider-based status.  Healthcare Financial Management.  56(8):52-58, Aug. 2002.

Cusack, C., and others.  Outpatient prospective payment:  uses and progress to date.  The Journal of Ambulatory Care Management.  25(3):56-62, July 2002.

Finally, an APC code for observation:  now find out the rules for getting paid.  Ed Management.  14(5):49-51, May 2002.

Share this good news with your administrator.  Ed Management.  14(5):51-52, May 2002.

Kovar, M. S., and Lowery, E.  Optimize APC revenue with process-oriented assessments.  Healthcare Financial Management.  56(4):88-91, Apr. 2002.

Carter, D.  Medical necessity under OPPS:  a look at the challenges.  Journal of AHIMA.  73(2):44-47, Feb. 2002.

Ferman, J. H.  The controversial new opps rule.  Healthcare Executive.  17(1):58-59, Jan./Feb. 2002.

Make sure you are meeting the billing criteria for outpatient observation services.  Medical Records Briefing.  17(1):6-7, Jan. 2002.

AHA calls 2002 APC changes 'unworkable'.  OR Manager.  18(1):5, 7, Jan. 2002.

Coding Updating:  hospital use of CPT for Medicare program.  CPT Assistant.  12(1):4-7, Jan. 2002.

Lovern, E.  Passed through, but not over.  Modern Healthcare.  31(52):26, Dec. 24-31, 2001.

Lovern, E.  Cash flow woes.  Modern Healthcare.  31(49):10, Dec. 3, 2001.

Blanchard, T. P.  Billing and coding compliance pitfalls in Medicare hospital outpatient PPS.  CCH Healthcare Compliance Letter.  4(22):6-8, Nov. 19, 2001.

Medicare hikes pay for outpatient services.  Hospital Access Management.  Oct. 1, 2001.

One year after APC implementation, hospitals struggle to keep up with changes.  Medical Records Briefing.  16(10):9, Oct. 2001.

Medicare proposes 2002 APC changes.  OR Manager.  17(10):5, 7, Oct. 2001.

Ferman, J. H.  Understanding Medicare's OPPS.  Healthcare Executive.  16(5):63-64, Sept./Oct. 2001.

Prospective payment system for hospital outpatient services calendar year 2002.  Medicare and Medicaid Guide.  1173(1178):1-44912, Sept. 5, 2001.

CMS proposes 2.3 percent increase in OPPS for 2002.  Medicare and Medicaid Guide.  1172(1177):1-2, Aug. 28, 2001.

Stegman, M.  Know your APCs:  data analysis made simple.  Journal of AHIMA.  72(7):38-47, July/Aug. 2001.

Jones, L. M.  E/M options in the outpatient arena.  Journal of AHIMA.  72(7):59-61, July/Aug. 2001.

Don't miss payments during observation.  Ed Management.  13(7):79-80. July 2001.

AHIMA, 3M to provide web-based APC courses.  Hospital Payment & Information Management.  June 1, 2001.

Changes to certain HCFA level II HCPCS "C" codes for use with outpatient prospective payment system.  CPT Assistant.  11(6):4-8, June 2001.

Experts:  cut costs of ED observation.  ED Management.  13(6):64-66, June 2001.

Chyna, J. T.  APCs beyond implementation:  thriving under APCs.  Healthcare Executive.  16(3):12-14, 16, May/June 2001.

Thoman, D. J.  Working smarter with APCs.  Journal of AHIMA.  72(5):30-36, May 2001.

Is there life after APCs for chest pain observation?  Cardiovascular Disease Management.  7(4):1-4, Apr. 2001.

Andrews, J.  A for angst, p for panic, c for calamity.  Materials Management in Healthcare.  10(4):24-26, Apr. 2001.

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