Scanning the Headlines: Efficiency 2012 (Archive)

Updated on May 30, 2014

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Harris, M., and Wood, J.  Resuscitate ED metrics with split-flow design.  HFM;66(12):76-79, Dec. 2012.

Lean-driven solutions slash ED wait times, LOS.  ED Management;24(12):139-141, Dec. 2012.

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Study: hospitals struggle to implement proven strategies for eliminating ED boarding, crowding.  ED Management;24(11):121-124, Nov. 2012.

Lean’s kanban may be answer to efficient OR supply management.  OR Manager;28(11):1, 6-13, Nov. 2012.

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ED flow facilitators make throughput center stage, achieve decreases in LWBS, LOS, and door-to-bed times.  ED Management;24(8):103-105, Sept. 2012.

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Streamlining preoperative care: role of software.  OR Manager;28(3):6-8, Mar. 2012.

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