Scanning the Headlines: HIPAA 2004-2003 (Archive)


Updated on August 23, 2010

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A HIPAA glossary

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Security health care certification and accreditation workgroup.  URAC - Privacy and Security Workgroup Portal 

Train for HIPAA

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HIPAA patient privacy compliance guide. 

Covered entity charts: Guidance on how to determine whether an entity is a covered entity under the administrative simplification provisions of HIPAA.

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Nine Key HIPAA Privacy Challenges and Recommended Implementation Solutions.    

Medical privacy - national standards to protect the privacy of personal health information

State insurance department HIPAA contacts

HIPAA site. 

HIPAA Reports

A tripartite heart to medical records privacy:  technology, HIPAA's privacy rule and the USA patrior act.  Journal of Law and Health.  17(2):271-296, 2002-03.


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