Scanning the Headlines: Patient Centeredness (Archive 2002-2000)

Updated on February 13, 2009

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Press, I.  Patient Satisfaction:  Defining, Measuring, and Improving the Experience of Care.  Chicago:  Health Administration Press, 2002.  (W 85 P935p 2002).

In the Name of the Patient:  Consumer Advocacy in Health Care.    Chicago:  Society for Healthcare Consumer Advocacy, 2002.  (W 85 I35 2002).

Blaylock, B., and Johnson, B.  Advancing the Practice of Patient-and Family-Centered Geriatric Care.  Bethesda, MD:  Institute for Family-Centered Care, 2001.  (WA 308 B654a 2001).

McDougall, S., and Johnson, B.  Creating Children's Advisory Councils.  Bethesda, MD:  Institute for Family-Centered Care, 2001.  (WA 308 M478c 2001).

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Lynn, J., Schuster, J., and Kabcenell, A.  Improving Care for the End of Life:  A Sourcebook for Health Care Managers and Clinicians.  Oxford, NY:  Oxford University Press, 2000.  (WY 152 L989i 2000).

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Nash, D., editor.  Connecting With the New Healthcare Consumer: Defining Your Strategy.  New York:  McGraw-Hill, 2000.  (W 84 AA1 C752 2000).

Bell, R.  How to Use Patient Satisfaction Data to Improve Healthcare Quality.  Milwaukee, WI:  ASQ Quality Press, 2000.  (W 85 B435h 2000).


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