March 17, 2003

Materials Added to the AHA Resource Center

2000 National Performance Indicators for Healthcare Materials Management.  Chicago:  Association for Healthcare Resource & Materials Management, 2000.  (Ref WX 147 N277 2000).

2002 Guide to Healthcare Market Segments.   SMG Marketing Group Inc., 2002.  (Ref W 74 G946 2002).

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AHA Integrated Delivery Network Directory.   Chicago:  American Hospital Association, 2001.  (W 130 AA1 A285 2001).

Andrulis, D., and Goodman, N.  The Social and Health Landscape of Urban and Suburban America.   Chicago:  Health Forum, Inc., 1999.  (Ref WA 900 AA1 S678 1999).

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Blanchard, K., and others.  High Five!:  The Magic of Working Together.   New York:  HarperCollins Publishers, Inc., 2001.  (HD 66 H638 2001).

Blanchard, K., Carlos, J., and Randolph, A.  Empowerment Takes More Than a Minute.   San Francisco:  Berrett-Koehler Publishers, 1998.  (HF 5549.5 M63 B639e 1998).

Blank, W.  The 9 Natural Laws of Leadership.   New York:  AMACOM, 1995.  (HD 57.7 B642n 1995).

Blohowiak, D.  How's All the Work Going to Get Done?   Franklin Lakes, NJ:  Career Press, 1995.  (HF 5549.5 M3 B652h 1995).

Blohowiak, D.  Lead Your Staff to Think Like Einstein, Create Like Da Vinci, and Invent Like Edison.   Chicago:  Irwin Professional Publishing, 1995.  (HD 53 B57L 1995).

Braham, B.  Creating a Learning Organization:  Promoting Excellence Through Excellence.   Menlo Park, CA:  Crisp Publications, Inc., 1995.  (HD 58.82 B813c 1995).

Burns, L., and Wharton School Colleagues.  The Health Care Value Chain:  Producers, Purchasers, and Providers.   San Francisco:  Jossey-Bass, 2002.  (W 74 B967h 2002).

CARF Opioid Treatment Program Accreditation Site Visit Preparation Guide.   Tucson, AZ:  CARF...The Rehabilitation Accreditation Commission, 1999.  (WM 29 AA1 C7345c 1999).

CARF Opioid Treatment Program Accreditation Standards Manual.   Tucson, AZ:  CARF...The Rehabilitation Accreditation Commission, 1999.  (WM 29 AA1 C7343c 1999).

Chawla, S., and Renesch, editors.  Learning Organizations:  Developing Cultures for Tomorrow's Workplace.   Portland, OR:  Productivity Press, 1995.  (HD 58.82 L4381 1995).

Chrislip, D., and Larson, C.  Collaborative Leadership:  How Citizens and Civic Leaders Can Make a Difference.   San Francisco:  Jossey-Bass Publishers, 1994.  (JS 323 C554c 1994).

Deeprose, D.  How to Recognize & Reward Employees.   New York: AMACOM, 1994.  (HF 5549.5 I5 D311h 1994).

Dinkmeyer, D., and Losoncy, L.  The Skills of Encouragement:  Bringing Out the Best in Yourself and Others.   Boca Raton, FL:  St. Lucie Press, 1996.  (BF 637 E53 D585s 1996).

Drucker, P.  The Five Most Important Questions:  You Will Ever Ask about Your NonProfit Organization.   San Francisco:  Jossey-Bass Publishers, 1993.  (HD 62.6 D794f 1993).

Employer Health Benefits 2002 Annual Survey.   Menlo Park, CA:  The Henry J. Kaiser Foundation, 2002.  (Ref W 275 AA1 E555 2002).

Hargrove, R.  Masterful Coaching:  Extraordinary Results by Impacting People and the Way They Think and Work Together.   San Francisco:  Jossey-Bass/Pfeiffer, 1995.  (HD 66 H279m 1995).

Heskett, J., Sasser, W., and Hart, C.  Service Breakthroughs:  Changing the Rules of the Game.   New York:  The Free Press, 1990.  (HF 5415.5 H5845s 1990).

Heidenthal, P.  Nursing Leadership & Management.   New York:  Thomson Delmar Learning, 2003.  (WY 105 K29n 2003).

Holman, P., and Devane, T., editors.  The Change Handbook:  Group Methods for Shaping the Future.   San Francisco:  Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc., 1999.  (HD 58.8 C456 1999).

Homecare Salary & Benefits Report 2002-2003.   Oakland, NJ:  Hospital & Healthcare Compensation Service, 2002-2003.  (Ref WY 115 H76515 2002-2003).

Hospital Accounting:  What the Board Needs to Know.   Chicago:  The Governance Institute, Spring 2000.  (Ref WX 157 H8281 2000).

Isaacs, S., and Knickman, J., editors.  To Improve Health and Health Care.  Vol. VI   San Francisco:  Jossey-Bass, 2003.  (W 84 AA1 T627 2003).

Jaques, E., and Clement, S.  Executive Leadership:  A Practical Guide to Managing Complexity.   Arlington, VA:  Cason Hall & Co. Publishers Ltd., 1994.  (HD 57.7 J19e 1994).

Job Description: Handbook  for Healthcare Executives.   Chicago:  Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development, 2002.  (WX 150 J62 2002).

Johansen, R., and Swigart, R.  Upsizing the Individual in the Downsized Organization:  Managing in the Wake of Reengineering, Globalization, and Overwhelming Technological Change.    Reading, MS:  Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, 1996.  (HD 58.85 J65u 1996).

Joint Commission International Accreditation Standards for Clinical Laboratories.  1st ed.   Oakbrook, IL:  Department of Publications Joint Commission Resources, 2003.  (Ref W 23 J74 2003).

Kanter, R.  World Class:  Thriving Locally in the Global Economy.   New York:  Simon & Schuster, 1995.  (HD 62.7 K16w 1995).

Katzenbach, J., and The RCL Team.  Real Change Leaders.   New York:  Random House, 1995.  (HD 38.2 K19r 1995).

Kotter, J., and Heskett,  Corporate Culture and Performance.   New York:  The Free Press, 1992.  (HD 58.7 K87c 1992).

Kuczmarski, T.  Innovation:  Leadership Strategies for the Competitive Edge.   Chicago:  NTC Comparary Publishing Company, 1996.  (HD 53 K95i 1996).

Lewis, J.  Partnerships for Profit:  Structuring and Managing Strategic Alliances.   New York:  The Free Press, 1990.  (HD 62.47 L674p 1990).

Marketing by the Numbers.   Chicago:   Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development, 2002.  (Ref W 74 M3451 2002).

McKinley, J., and Cavouras, C.  1998 Survey of Hours--Detailed Summary.   Phoenix, AZ:  Lawrenz Consulting, 1998.  (Ref Wx 159 S9635 1998).

McLaughlin, S.  Hazard Vulnerability Analysis.   American Society for Healthcare Engineering, Feb. 2001.  (WX 185 M478h 2001).

McNally, D.  Even Eagles Need A Push:  Learning to Soar in a Changing World.   New York:  Delacorte Press, 1991.  (BF 697 M478e 1991).

Miles, R.  Leading Corporate Transformation:  A Blueprint for Business Renewal.   San Francisco:  Jossey-Bass Publishers, 1997.  (HD 58.8 M643L 1997).

National Trends in Health Care Consumerism.   Chicago:  Solucient, 2003.  (Ref WX 158.5 N277 2003).

Newhouse, J.  Pricing the Priceless:  A Health Care Conundrum.   Cambridge, MA:  The MIT Press, 2002.  (W 84 AA1 N548p 2002).

Official Guide to Undergraduate and Graduate Nursing Schools.   Boston:  Jones and Bartlett Publishers, 2000.  (Ref WY 22 AA1 032 2000).

Plavecski, J.  Developing a Maintenance and Testing Program for Healthcare Electrical Distribution Systems.   American Society for Healthcare Engineering, May 2001.  (WX 185 P721d 2001).

Putnam, A.  Marketing Your  Services:  A Step-by-Step Guide for Small Businesses and Professionals.   New York:  John Wiley & Sons, 1990.  (HD 9981.5 P988m 1990).

Recommended Practice for Central Service.  Sect. Six.   Chicago:  American Society for Healthcare Central Service Professionals, 2001.  (WX 165 A5135st 2001).

Resources for Improving Community Health.   Chicago:  Health Research and Educational Trust, 1999.  (WA 546 AA1 R4341 1999).

Rippel, F.  Physicians in Governance Architects of a Healthier Institution.   New Jersey:  Health Research and Educational Trust, 1998.  (W 80 P5781 1998).

Rippel, F. Trustee Accountability:  Meeting the Challenge.   New Jersey:  Health Research and Educational Trust, 1998.  (WX 150 T873a 1998).

Risk Management Pearls for Long-Term Care & Skilled Nursing Facilities.   American Soceity for Healthcare Risk Management, 2002.   (WX 162 R5958 2002).

Risk Management Pearls for Medication Error Reduction.   Chicago:  American Soceity for Healthcare Risk Management, 2002.  (QZ 42 R595 2002).

Roll, A.  Managing Violence in the Healthcare Arena.   Chicago:  American Society for Healthcare Engineering, 2000.  (WX 185 M2661 2000).

Ronning, P.  Through the Technology Looking Glass.   Chicago:  American Hospital Association, 2001.  (WB 26 R773t 2001).

Root Cause Analysis in Health Care.  2nd ed.   Oakbrook, IL:  Joint Commission Resources, 2003.  (WX 153 R782 2003).

Rose, E., and Buckley, S.  50 Ways to Teach Your Learner.   San Francisco:  Jossey-Bass/Pfeiffer, 1999.  (HD 66 R795f 1999).

Rosenbluth, H., and Peters, D.  The Customer Comes Second:  Put Your People First and Watch 'em Kick Butt.   New York:  HarperCollins Publishers Inc., 2002. (HF 5549.5 M6 R813c 2002).

Rosenthal, M., and Sutcliffe, K., editors.  Medical Error:  What Do We Know?  What Do We Do?   San Francisco:  Jossey-Bass, 2002.  (WB 100 M489 2002).

Ruiz, M.  No Time to Lose:  Getting More From HIV Prevention.   Washington:  National Academy Press,2001.  (QW 168.5 H6 N739 2001).

Runy, L.  The Health Care Workforce:  State-by-State Numbers and Initiatives.   Chicago:  CompHealth, 2002.  (WX 158.5 H434 2002).

Shah, R.  Roofing 101.   Chicago:  American Society for Healthcare Engineering, Sept. 2001.  (WX 165 S525r 2001).

Tool Kit:  Informed Consent and the Law.   Chicago:  American Society for Healthcare Risk Management, 2000.  (W 33 AA1 I43 2000).

Weapons of Mass Destruction:  Pro-Active.    Chicago:  American Society for Healthcare Engineering, 1999.  (WX 185 W362 1999).

Weaver, R., and Farrell, J.  Managers as Facilitators: A Practical Guide to Getting Work Done in a Changing Workplace.   San Francisco:  Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc., 1997.  (HD 66 W363m 1997).

Whiteley, R.  The Customer-Driven Company:   Moving From Talk to Action.   Reading, MA:  Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, 1993.  (HF 5415.5 W594c 1993).

York, P., and others.  The InterStudy PPO Directory and Performance Report 3.0.   St. Paul, MN:  InterStudy Publications, 2001.  (Ref W 130 AA1 I615 2001).

Updated on March 17, 2003.


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