June 23, 2005

Materials Added to the AHA Resource Center

Benchmark Report:  Cardiac Cath Labs 2003.  Des Plaines, IL:  IMV Medical Information Division, Inc., 2003.  (WG 141.5 C2 C267 2003).

Bjork, D.  Health Care Governance in an Era of Reform.  Bozeman, MT:  American Governance & Leadership Group, 2004.  (WX 157 B626h 2004).

Bjork, D.  Strengthening Governance in Hospitals and Health Systems.  Bozeman, MT:  American Governance & Leadership Group, 2004.  (WX 150 B626s 2004).

Blum, J., editor.  Achieving Quality in Managed Care:  The Role of Law.  Chicago:  American Bar Association, 1997.  (W 33 AA1 A178 1997).

Cohn, K.  Better Communication for Better Care:  Mastering Physician-Administrator Collaboration.  Chicago:  Health Administration Press, 2005.  (WX 150 C678b 2005).

Conrad, D., and others.  Managed Care Contracting:  Concepts and Applications for the Health Care Executive.  Chicago:  Health Administration Press, 1996.  (W 130 AA1 M1837 1996).

Costello, C., editor.  The American Woman 2003-2004.  New York:  Palgrave Macmillan, 2003.  (HQ 1421 A512 2003).

Employer Health Benefits:  2004 Annual Survey.  Menlo Park, CA:  The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation and Health Research and Educational Trust, 2004.  (W 275 AA1 E555 2004).

Futurescan:  Healthcare Trends and Implications 2005-2010.  Chicago:  Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development, 2005.  (WA 900 AA1 F996 2005).

Heyman, J.  Equal Partners:  A Physician's Call for a New Spirit of Medicine.  Boston:  Little, Brown and Company, 1995.  (WZ 100 H618e 1995).

Himes, C., Oettinger, E., and Kenny, D.  Aging in Stride.  Seattle:  Caresource Healthcare Communications, Inc., 2004.  (WT 100 H657a 2004).

Hospital Chargemaster Guide.  Salt Lake City, UT:  Ingenix, 2005.  (WX 157 H828 2005).

Hutton, D.  From Baldridge to the Bottom Line.  Milwaukee:  ASQ Quality Press, 2000.  (HD 62.15 H984f  2000).

Hyatt, T., editor.  The Nonprofit Legal Landscape.  Washington:  BoardSource, 2005.  (KF 1388 N814 2005).

Koloroutis, M., editor.  Relationship-Based Care:  A Model for Transforming Practice.  Minneapolis:  Creative Health Care Management, Inc., 2004.  (WY 86 R382 2004).

Mark, M., Henry, G., and Julnes, G.  Evaluation.  San Francisco:  Jossey-Bass, Inc., 2000.  (H 97 M345e 2000).

Marrelli, T.  The Nurse Manager's Survival Guide.  3rd ed.  St. Louis, MO:  Mosby, 2004.  (WY 105 M358n 2004).

Medicare Payment Advisory Commission.  Report to the Congress:  Medicare Payment Policy.  Washington:  Medpac, March 2005.  (WT 31 R425 2005).

Merritt, J., Hawkins, J., and Miller, P.  Will The Last Physician in America Please Turn Off The Lights?  Independence, MO:  Practice Support Resources, Inc., 2004.  (W 75 M572w 2004).

Performance-Based Job Descriptions for the Emergency Department.  Marblehead, MA:  HcPro, 2004.  (WX 159 P4381 2004 v.5). [CD]

Performance-Based Job Descriptions for Home Health.  Marblehead, MA:  HcPro, 2004.  (WX 159 P4381 2004 v.7). [CD]

Performance-Based Job Descriptions for Laboratory.  Marblehead, MA:  HcPro, 2004.  (WX 159 P4381 2004 v.3). [CD]

Performance-Based Job Descriptions for Nursing.  Marblehead, MA:  HcPro, 2004.  (WX 159 P4381 2004 v.1). [CD]

Performance-Based Job Descriptions for the Operating Room.  Marblehead, MA:  HcPro, 2004.  (WX 159 P4381 2004 v.6). [CD]

Performance-Based Job Descriptions for Pharmacy.  Marblehead, MA:  HcPro, 2004.  (WX 159 P4381 2004 v.4). [CD]

Performance-Based Job Descriptions for Radiology.  Marblehead, MA:  HcPro, 2004.  (WX 159 P4381 2004 v.2). [CD]

Ricketts, III, T., editor.  Rural Health in the United States.  New York:  Oxford University Press, 1999.  (WA 390 R948u 1999).

Rossi, P.  Case Management in Health Care.  2nd ed.  Philadelphia:  Saunders, 2003.  (W 84.7 R833c 2003).

Rynne, T.  Healthcare Marketing in Transition.  Burr Ridge, IL:  Irwin Professional Publishing, 1995.  (WX 157 R995h 1995).

Zuckerman, A.  Healthcare Strategic Planning.  2nd ed.  Chicago:  Health Administration Press, 2005.  (W 84.1 Z94h 2005).

Updated on July 14, 2005


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