July 25, 2006

Materials Added to the AHA Resource Center

2005 Survey of Salaries & the Payroll Profession.  San Antonio, TX:  American Payroll Association, 2005.  (Ref HG 4028 P5 S963 2005).

2006 Compendium of Architectural Displays.  Chicago:  American Society for Healthcare Engineering, 2006.  (WX 140 C737a 2006).

Aalseth, P.  Medical Coding:  What it is and How it Works.  Boston:  Jones and Bartlett Publishers, 2006.  (WB 15 A112m 2006).

ABMS Guide to Physician Specialties.  Evanston, IL:  American Board of Medical Specialties, 2006.  (Ref W 21 A512 2006).

Benchmark Report:  Mammography 2005.  Des Plaines, IL:  IMV Medical Information Division, Inc., 2005.  (Ref WP 815 B457 2005).

Blazek, J.  990 Handbook:  A Line-by-Line Approach.  New York:  John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2001.  (Ref KF 6449 Z9 B645h 2001).

Clark, J., editor.  Documentation for Acute Care.  Chicago:  American Health Information Management Association, 2004.  (Ref WX 175 D637a 2004).

Cohen, S., and Sherrod, D.  A Practical Guide to Recruitment & Retention:  Skills for Nurse Managers.  Marblehead, MA:  HCPro, Inc., 2005.  (WY 30 C678p 2005).

Community Benefit Reporting.  St. Louis, MO:  The Catholic Health Association of the United States, 2005.  (WA 546.1 C7341 2005).

Contracted Staff and Patient Safety.  Oakbrook Terrace, IL:  Joint Commissions Resources, 2005.  (WY 30 C764 2005).

Daigrepont, J., editor.  The Complete EMR Selection Guide.  Phoenix, MD:  Greenbranch Publishing, 2006.  (Ref WX 173 C736 2006).

Dye, C., and Garman, A.  Exceptional Leadership:  16 Critical Competencies for Healthcare Executives.  Chicago:  Health Administration Press, 2006.  (Ref WX 155 D995e 2006).

Failure Mode and Effects Analysis in Health Care.  2nd ed.  Oakbrook Terrace, IL:  Joint Commission Resources, 2005.  (Ref WX 157 F161 2005).

Fischer, M., and others.  Fire and Life Safety in Health Care Facilities.  2nd ed.  Quincy, MA:  National Fire Protection Association, 2006.  (Ref WX 185 F5231 2006).

From Front Office to Front Line:  Essential Issues for Health Care Leaders.  Oakbrook Terrace, IL:  Joint Commission Resources, 2005.  (WX 150 F931 2005).

Gibbs, M., and Ma, C.  Medication Reconciliation.  Marblehead, MA:  HCPro, Inc., 2005.  (QV 38 G443m 2005).

Gimmy, A., Brecht, S., and Dowd, C.  Senior Housing:  Looking Toward the Third Millennium.  Chicago:  Appraisal Institute, 1998.  (WT 30 G941s 1998).

Gordon, S.  Nursing Against the Odds.  New York:  Cornell University Press, 2005.  (WY 16 G665n 2005).

Jessie, R.  The Compliance Guide to the JCAHO's Provision of Care Standards:  Pain Management, Restraints, Waived Testing and More.  Marblehead, MA:  HCPro, Inc., 2005.  (WX 15 J58c 2005).

Hackbarth, G., Reishauer, R., and Miller, M.  Report to the Congress Medicare Payment Policy.  Washington:  Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MEDPAC), 2006.  (Ref WT 31 M489r 2006).

Hall, L., editor.  Business Organizations, Agencies, and Publications Directory.  19th ed.  Farmington Hills, MI:  The Gale Group, Inc., 2006.  (Ref HF 3010 B979 2006).

Harrington, L., Pybus, B., and McLane, D.  The Comprehensive Guide to Credentialing and Privileging for Ambulatory Surgery.  Marblehead, MA:  HCPro, Inc., 2005.  (WX 205 H299 2005).

Hills, L.  How to Recruit, Motivate, and Manage a Winning Staff.  Phoenix, MD:  Greenbranch Publishing, 2004.  (Ref W 80 H655h 2004).

HR Leader Guidebook.  Chicago:  American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration, 2005.  (WX 159 H873 2005).

Improving the Quality of Health Care for Mental and Substance-Use Conditions.  Washington:  The National Academies Press, 206.  (WM 400 I59i 2006).

Issues and Strategies for Nurse Leaders:  Meeting Hospital Challenges Today.  Oakbrook Terrace, IL:  Joint Commission Resources, 2005.  (WY 105 I861 2005).

Issues in Human Resources for Hospitals.  Oakbrook Terrace, IL:  Joint Commission Resources, 2004.  (Ref WX 159 I86 2004).

Johnson, R., and Cogan, J.  Medicare, Medicaid, and Insolvency Handbook:  Jurisdiction, Payment, and Enforcement.  Washington:  American Health Lawyers Association, 2006.  (WT 33 AA1 J68m 2006).

Joint Commission's Unannounced Survey Process.  Oakbrook Terrace, IL:  Joint Commission Resources, 2006.  (WX 40 AA1 J74 2006).

LaVeist, T.  Minority Populations and Health:  An Introduction to Health Disparities in the United States.  Hoboken, NJ:  John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2005.  (WA 300 L399m 2005).

Marder, R., and Smith M.  Effective Peer Review:  A Practical Guide to Contemporary Design.  Marblehead, MA:  HCPro, Inc., 2005.  (WX 203 M322e 2005).

May, C., and Lewis, C.  Ready, Set, Magnet!  Marblehead, MA:  HCPro, Inc., 2006.  (WY 125 M466r 2006).

Mayes, R.  Universal Coverage:  The Elusive Quest for National Health Insurance.  Ann Arbor, MI:  The University of Michigan Press, 2004.  (W 225.1 M468u 2004).

Model Medical Staff Bylaws & Rules.  Sacramento, CA:  California Healthcare Association, 2004.  (Ref WX 159 C153m 2004).

Morone, J., and Jacobs, L.  Healthy, Wealthy, & Fair:  Health Care and the Good Society.  New York:  Oxford University Press, Inc., 2005.  (WA 540 AA1 H4359 2005).

Murphy, T., and Davis, M.  Restraint and Seclusion:  The Model for Eliminating Their Use in Healthcare.  Marblehead, MA:  HCPro, Inc., 2005.  (WM 35 M978r 2005).

Nahra, K.  Inside the Minds:  Meeting the Challenges of a Changing Health Care Environment.  Boston:  Aspatore Books, 2005.  (Ref W 33 AA1 W776 2005).

NFPA99:  Health Care Facilities.  Quincy, MA:  National File Protection Association, 2005.  (Ref WX 185 N2772n 2005).

Niespodziani, C.  The CMS-JCAHO Crosswalk:  A Side-by-Side Analysis of the CMS Conditions of Participation and JCAHO Standards.  Marblehead, MA:  HCPro, Inc., 2006.  (Ref WX 15 N676c 2006).

Overcoming Performance Measurement Challenges for Hospitals.  Oakbrook Terrace, IL:  Joint Commssion Resources, 2005.  (Ref WX 153 O96 2005).

Pay-for-Performance:  Incentives, Models, Measures and Perspectives.  Manasquan, NJ:  The Managed Care Information, 2006.  (W 79 P343 2006).

Payson, C., and Haviley, C.  Patient Falls Assessment and Prevention.  Marblehead, MA:  HCPro, Inc., 2005.  (WX 185 P347p 2005).

Performance Indicators Study on Healthcare Supply Cost Management.  Chicago:  Association for Healthcare Resource & Materials Management, 2005.  (Ref WX 147 P438 2005).

Providing Culturally and Linguistically Competent Health Care.  Oakbrook Terrace, IL:  Joint Commission Resources, 2006.  (W 84.1 P9692 2006).

Pybus, B., and Cairns, C.  A Guide to AHP Credentialing:  Challenges and Opportunities to Credentialing Allied Health Professionals.  2nd ed.  Marblehead, MA:  HCPro, Inc., 2004.  (Ref W 21.5 P995g 2004).

Reducing the Risk of Falls in Your Health Care Organiztion.   Oakbrook Terrace, IL:  Joint Commission Resources, 2005.  (WA 288 R321 2005).

Roizen, M., and Oz, M.  You the Smart Patient:  An Insider's Handbook for Getting the Best Treatment.  New York:  Free Press, 2006.  (W 85 R741y 2006).

Romer, A., and others, editors.  Innovations in End-of-Life Care.  Vol. 3.  New Rochelle, NY:  Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. Publishers, 2002.  (WB 310 I58 2002).

Root Cause Analysis in Health Care.  3rd ed.  Oakbrook Terrace, IL:  Joint Commission Resources, 2005.  (Ref WX 153 R782 2005).

Solomon, S.  Beyond Names and Logos:  Building Powerful Health Care Brands.  Rye, NY:  Health Care Communications, 2004.  (W 74.1 S689b 2004).

State of America's Hospitals--Taking the Pulse.  Chicago:  American Hospital Association, 2006.  (Ref WX T136 2006).

Steever, S., editor.  The Hospital M&A Market.  1st ed.  Norwalk, CT:  Irving Levin Associates, Inc., 2006.  (Ref WX 157 H828ma 2006).

Torres, G., and Margolin, F.  The Collabortion Primer.  Chicago:  Health Research & Educational Trust, 2003.  (WX 160 W727c 2003).

Waymack, P.  Denial Management:  Key Tools and Strategies for Prevention and Recovery.  Marblehead, MA:  HCPro, Inc., 2005.  (W 80 W358d 2005).


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