January 7, 2008

Materials Added to the AHA Resource Center

"50 Years of Pride in Serving America's Best, Our Veterans!"  Dallas:  Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center, 1990.  (WX 28 AT4 D1V58c 1990).

Access to Health Risk Behavior in the United States:  A State-By-State Look at Teens and Adults.  Ithaca, NY:  New Strategist Publications, 2004.  (Ref W85 A169 2004).

ACHE Healthcare Executive Competencies Assessment Tool.  Chicago:  American College of Healthcare Executives, 2008.  (Ref WX 155 A24 2008).

American Health:  Demographics and Spending of Health Care Consumers.  Ithaca, NY:  New Strategist, 2007.  (Ref W 74 AA1 A512 2007).

Aon Global Risk Consulting.  Hospital Professional Liability and Physician Liability:  2007 Benchmark Analysis.  Chicago:  American Society for Healthcare Risk Management, 2007.  (Ref WX 157 H828p 2007).

APHA Task Force on Correctional Health Care Standards.  Standards for Health Services in Correctional Institutions.  Washington:   American Public Health Association, 2003.  (Ref HV 8833 A512s 2003).

Ambulatory Surgery Center Performance Survey:  2007 Report Based on 2006 Data.  Englewood, CO:  Medical Group Management Association, 2007.  (Ref WX 205 A498 2007).

American Dietetic Association.  Compensation and Benefits Survey of the Dietetics Profession.  Chicago:  American Dietetic Association, 2007.  (Ref WX 168 A512d 2007).

Benchmark Report:  Cardiac Cath Labs.  Des Plaines, IL:  IMV Medical Information Division, 2006.  (Ref WG 141.5 C2 C267 2006).

Benchmark Report:  Nuclear Medicine.  Des Plaines, IL:  IMV Medical Information Division, 2007.  (Ref WN 440 B457 2007).

Benchmark Report:  Radiation Oncology.  Des Plaines, IL:  IMV Medical Information Division, 2007.  (Ref QZ 269 B457 2006).

Blair, J., and Fottler, M., and Zapanta, A., editors.  Bioterrorism, Preparedness, Attack and Response.  Vol. 4.  San Diego, CA:  Elsevier, 2004.  (W 84 AA1 A2441 2004).

Bryant, S., and Chase, D., editors.  Comprehensive Healthcare Job Descriptions Manual.  Marblehead, MD:  HcPro, 2006.  (Ref WX 159 P4381 2006).

Callahan, D., and Wasunna, A.  Medicine and the Market.  Baltimore, MD:  The John Hopkins University Press, 2006.  (W 74.1 C156m 2006).

Cancer Web:  New Models for Growth, Collaboration and Return on Investment.  Chicago:  Navigant Consulting, 2006.  (Ref QZ 23 C215 2006).

Capital Ideas. Chicago:  Tiber Group, 2003.  (Ref WX 157 C244i 2003).

Commonwealth Fund Commission on a High Performance Health System.  Aiming Higher:  Results from a State Scorecard of Health System Performance.  New York:  Commonwelath Fund, 2007.  (Ref W 84 AA1 A294 2007).

Communities Shaping a Vision for America's 21st Century Health and Healthcare.  Austin:  Wye River Group on Healthcare, 2003.  (WA 546 AA1 C734s 2003).

Crucial Conversations.   Provo, UT:  VitalSmarts, 2007.  (HF 5718 C955 2007).

Current Procedural Coding Expert.  Salt Lake City, UT:  Ingenix, 2008.  (Ref W 15 C882 2008).

Dictionary of Disease Management Terminology.  Washington:  Disease Management Association of America, 2006.  (Ref W 84.7 D554 2006).

Donner, G., and Wheeler, M.  Taking Control of Your Nursing Career.  2nd ed.  Toronto, ON:  Mosby, 2003.  (WT 49 T136 2003).

Fink, J.  Third Opinion:  An International Resource Guide...  Garden City Park, NY:  Square One Publishers, 2005.  (Ref QZ 22.1 F499t 2005).

Fottler, M., Savage, G., and Blair, J., editors.  Advances in Health Care Management.  Vol. 2.  San Diego, CA:  Elsevier, 2001.  (W 84 AA1 A2441 2001).

Grob, G., and Goldman, H.  The Dilemma of Federal Mental Health Policy.  Piscataway, NJ:  Rutgers University Press, 2006.  (WM 30 G873d 2006).

Guidelines to Healthcare Market Segments.  Yardley, PA:  Verispan, 2007.  (Ref W 74 G946 2007).

HCUP Facts and Figures Statistics on Hospital-Based Care in the United States, 2005.  Rockville, MD:  Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, 2007.  (Ref WX 16 H828f 2005).

Hing, E., and Burt, C.  Characteristics of Office-Based Physicians and Their Practices:  United States, 2003-04.  Hyattsville, MD:  National Center for Health Statistics, Jan. 2007.  (Ref W 87 C431 2007).

InterStudy Competitive Edge Part I:  Managed Care Directory Using Data as of July 1, 2007.  Nashville:  HealthLeaders, 2007.  (Ref W 125 I6122 2007 July pt. 1).

Jewler, D., and Diana, L., editors.  Cancer Program Guidelines.  Rockville, MD:  Association of Community Cancer Centers, Mar. 2006.  (Ref QZ 23 S785 2006).

Limiting Access to Inpatient Medical Rehabilitation:  A Look at Payment Denials for Medicare Patients Treated in Inpatient Rehabilitation Facilities:  Executive Summary.  Chicago:  American Hospital Association, 2007.  (Ref WB 29 L734 2007).

Linenkugel, N.  Achieving Potential in Hospital Mergers.  Cleveland, OH:  Case Western Reserve University, May 1999.  (W 157 L754a 1999).

Managed Care Digest Series:  HMO-PPO Digest.  Bridgewater, NJ:  Sanofi Aventis, 2007.  (Ref W 275 AA1 H6772 2007).

Ohio Bands of Safety.  Columbus, OH:  Ohio Patient Safety Institute, 2007.  (Ref WX 185 O37 2007).

Outcomes Guidelines Report.  Washington:  Disease Management Association of America, 2006.  (Ref W 84.7 O94 2006).

Paul, M., editor.  Healthcare Terms and Abbreviations:  A Pocket Reference. Chicago:  American Society for Healthcare Central Service Professionals, 2007.  (Ref WX 165 C3975 2007).

Physician Compensation and Productivity Survey Report.  Detroit:  Sullivan Cotter and Associates, 2007.  (Ref WX 79 P5784 2007).

Provider-Sponsored Organizations:  Strategic Options for Hospitals and Health Systems.  Chicago:  American Hospital Association, 1996.  (WX 157 P969p 1996).

Rabun, J.  For Healthcare Professionals:  Guidelines on Prevention of and Response to Infant Abductions.  Alexandria, VA:  National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, 2005.  (Ref WX 185 R117f 2005). 

Real Solutions for Ambulatory Care:  Society for Ambulatory Care Professionals. Vol. 1 and 2.  Baltimore, MD:  Soceity for Ambulatory Care Professionals, 1995.  (WB 101 S678r 1995).

Reconstructing Hospital Pricing Systems:  A Call to Action for Hospital Financial Leaders.  Westchester, IL:  Healthcare Financial Management Association, 2007.  (Ref WX 157 R294 2007).

Safety Net Financing:  A Policy Source Book for Healthcare Executives.  Washington:  National Association of Public Hospitals and Health Systems, 2003.  (Ref W 250 AA1 S128 2003).

Savage, G., Blair, J., and Fottler, M., editors.  Advances in Health Care Management.  Vol. 3.  San Diego, CA:  Elsevier, 2002.  (W 84 AA1 A2441 2002).

Savage, G., Chilingerian, J., and Powell, M., editors.  International Health Care Management.  Vol. 5.  San Diego, CA:  Elsevier, 2005.  (W 84 AA1 A2441 2005).

Smith, J., and Crawford, L.  Report of Findings from the...Employers Survey.  Chicago:  National Council of State Boards of Nursing, 2003.  (Ref WY 31 S653r 2003).

Smith, R.  Compilation of State and Federal Privacy Laws.   Providence, RI:  Privacy Journal, 2002.  (Ref KF 1262 A29 C737 2002).

Special Report:  Evaluating Strategic Opportunities in the Neurosciences.  Chicago:  Tiber Group, 2002.  (Ref WL 100 E92 2002).

Special Report:  Imaging:  the Race is On.   Chicago:  Tiber Group, 2003.  (Ref WN 27 AA1 I31 2003).

Statistical Compilation of Annual Statement Information for Health Insurance Companies in 2006.  Kansas City, MO:  National Association of Insurance Commissioners, 2007.  (Ref W 100 S796 2006).

Strengthening Transparency Governance Accountability of Charitable Organizations.  Washington:  Congress and the Nonprofit Sector, June 2005.  (HD 2769.2 U6 P191s 2005).

The Eastern Symposium on Integrated Healthcare.  Oakland, CA:  Integrated Healthcare Association, 1994.  (W 84 AA1 E13e 1994).

The Fourth Annual Symposium on Integrated Healthcare.   Oakland, CA:  Integrated Healthcare Association, 1996.  (W 84 AA1 S989f 1996).

Who's Buying Health Care.  Ithaca, NY:  New Strategist, 2006.  (Ref W 74 AA1 W628 2006).

Wilson, M., Siegel, B., and Williams, M.  Perfecting Patient Flow.  Washington:  National Association of Public Hospitals and Health Systems, 2005.  (WX 215 W751p 2005).


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