March 7, 2008

Materials Added to the AHA Resource Center

2005 Compensation Survey Benefits.  New York:  Society for Healthcare Consumer Advocacy, 2005.  (W 85 S678 2005).

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Directory of Health Care Group Purchasing Organizations.  Millerton, NY:  Grey House Publishing, 2008.  (Ref WX 157 D598 2008).

Directory of Investor-Owned Community Hospitals; Hospital Management Companies and Health-Systems, Residential Treatment Facilities and Centers; Key Management Personnel.  Little Rock, AR:  Federation of American Hospitals, 2008.  (Ref WX 22 AA1 D6 2008).

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Medical-Legal Survival:  A Risk Management Guide for Physicians.  Oak Brook, IL:  University HealthSystem Consortium, 2000.  (WX 157 M489L 2000).

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Snapshots of America's Families II.  Washington:  Urban Institute, 1999.  (HQ 536 S63 1999).

Society for Healthcare Consumer Advocacy:  Proceedings Manual.  Chicago:  Society for Healthcare Consumer Advocacy, 2006.  (W 85 S678s 2006).

Staff Salary Survey:  Year 2008.  Plymouth Meeting, PA:  Health Care Group, 2008.  (Ref W 21.5 S779 2008).

Statistical Abstract of the United States:  The National Data Book.  Washington:  U.S. Dept. of Commerce, 2008.  (Ref HA 202 S797 2008).

Strategic Action Forum.  Chicago:   AHA Center for Health Care Leadership, 1996.  (W 84 AA1 P969s 1996).

Strategies for Leadership.  Chicago:  American Hospital Association, 2004.  (QZ 42 S898 2004).

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Symposium on Governing Integrated Healthcare.  Lake Arrowhead, CA:  Leaders in Integrated Health Care Systems, 1997.  (W 84 AA1 S445s 1997).

Symposium on the Role of the Specialist in 21st Century.  Lake Arrowhead, CA:  Leaders in Integrated Health Care Systems, 1997.  (W 84 AA1 S986s 1997).

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Wing, K., and Gilbert, B.  The Law and the Public’s Health.  7th ed.  Chicago: Health Administration Press, 2006.  (WA 540 AA1 W769L 2007).


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