June 24, 2008

Materials Added to the AHA Resource Center

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"A Medical School in this College".  (W 19 M489c 1997).

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Almanac of the 50 States:  Basic Data Profiles with Comparative Tables.  Woodside, CA:  Information Publications, 2008.  (Ref HA 202 A445 2008).

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Practice Managment Stats Quick Reference:  Benchmarks for Working with Physician Practices.  Independence, MO:  Practice Support Resources, 2008.  (Ref W 80 P895n 2008).

Reminiscing:  A Hundred Years of Laughter and Tears.  Bismark, ND:  St. Alexius Medical Center, 1985.  (WX 28 AN9 B6SA38 1985).

Sisters of Providence in the West 1856-2006.  Celebrating God's Favor.  Seattle, WA:  Sisters of Providence, 2006.  (WX 28 AW2 S623S 2006).

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St. Vincent's Healing Mission.   Green Bay, WI:  St. Vincent Hospital, 1997.  (WX 28 AA8 L7SV768 1997).

The Story of Saint Joseph's Hospital.  Marshfield, WI:  Saint Joseph's Hospital, 1991.  (WX 28 AW6 M3SJ6 1991).

Thomas, J., and Jeppson, E.  Words of Advice:  A Guidebook for Families Serving as Advisors.  Bethesda, MD: Institute for Family-Centered Care, 1997.  (WA 308 T458w 1997).

Trebon, T.  A Common Need:  Whidbey General Hospital.  Oak Harbor, WA:  Whidbey Printers, 2000.  (WX 28 AW2 W5W5T 2000).

Webster, P., and Johnson, B.  Collaborative Design Planning.  Bethesda, MD:  Institute for Family-Centered Care, 1999.  (WX 140 W383c 1999).


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