August 21, 2008

Materials Added to the AHA Resource Center

2007 Compendium of Architectural Displays.  Chicago:  American Society for Healthcare Engineering, 2007.  (WX 140 C737a 2007).

AAHSA Nursing Home Salary and Benefits Report 2008-2009.  Oakland, NJ:  Hospital and Healthcare Compensation Service, 2008.  (Ref WS 157 A111 2008-2009).

AAMA Data Book:  Medical Schools and Teaching Hospitals by the Numbers.  Washington:  Association of American Medical Colleges, 2008.  (Ref W 16 A112 2008).

A Century of Caring.  Englewood, CO:  Swedish Medical Center, 2005.  (WX 28 AC6 E5S97 2005).

Agho, A., and Dreachslin, J.  Case Studies in Diversity:  Managing and Educating a Diverse Workforce in Health Administration.  Washington:  Association of University Programs, 2002.  (W 84 AA1 C337s 2002).

A Purchaser Guide Value-Driven Health Care.  Needham, MA:  Bailit Health Purchasing, LLC, 2007.  (W 84 AA1 P985 2007).

Axelrod, N.  Culture of Inquiry:  Healthy Debate in the Boardroom.  Washington:  BoardSource, 2007.  (HD 62.6 A969cu 2007).

Barrick, J.  Mechanical Systems for Healthcare Facilities.  Chicago:  Society for Healthcare Engineering of the Amieran Hospital Assocation, 2006.  (WX 165 B275m 2006).

Benchmark Report:  MRI 2007.  Des Plaines, IL:  IMV Medical Information Division, 2008.  (Ref WN 185 M196 2007).

Benchmark Report:  Radiation Oncology 2007.  Des Plaines, IL:  IMV Medical Information Division, 2008.  (Ref QZ 269 B457 2007).

Blaylock, B., and Johnson, B.  Advancing the Practice of Patient-and Family-Centered Geriatric Care.  Bethesda, MD:  Institute for Family-Centered Care, 2001.  (WA 308 B654a 2001).

Board Orientation Manual.  San Diego, CA:  The Governance Institute, 2005.  (WX 150 B662o 2005).

Building a Healthy Community.  Institutional Advancement Services, 1998.  (WX 28 AN6 D91B87 1998).

Building Bridges Across Time.  San Francisco: California Pacific Medical Center, 2006.  (WX 28 AC2 S19015g 2006).

Celebrating 125 Years of Quality Health Care.  Spring/Summer 2007.  Peoria, IL: Proctor Hospital, 2007.  (WX 28 AI3 P4P96 2007).

Chollet, D., Liu, S., and Gimm, G.  Analysis of Niche Hospitals in Texas and the Financial Impact on General Hospitals.  Austin, TX:  Texas Department of State Health Services, 2006.  (WX 157 A532n 2006).

Christianson, J., and others.  Reinventing the Patient Experience.  Chicago:  Health Administration Press, 2007.  (WX 158.5 R374 2007).

Cima, L., and Clarke, S., editors.  The Nurse's Role in Medication Safety.  Oakbrook Terrace, IL:  Joint Commission Resources, 2007.  (WB 100 N877 2007).

Cobb, R.  125 Years of Faith, Hope and Healing.  Washington:  OSF St. Joseph Medical Center, 2005.  (WX 28 AI3 B6508c 2005).

Critical Care Safety:  Essentials for ICU Patient Care and Technology.  Plymouth Meeting, PA:  ECRI Institute, 2007.  (WX 218 C934s 2007).

Development of State Level Health Information Exchange Initiatives.  Chicago:  Foundation of Research and Education of the American Health Information Management Association, Jan. 23, 2007.  (WX 173 D489 2007).

Finkler, A., Kovner, C., and Jones, C.  Financial Management for Nurses Managers and Executives.  3rd ed.  St. Louis, MO:  Saunders Elsevier, 2007.  (WY 105 F499f 2007).

Guide for Interfacility Patient Transfer.   Washington:  National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Emergency Medical Services, 2006.  (WX 215 G946p 2006).

History of Saint Joseph Hospital.  Chicago:  Saint Joseph Hospital, 1964.  (WX 28 AI3.4 C4SJ14h 1964).

Hospital Phone Book 2008-2009.  Richmond, VA:  U.S. Directory Service, 2008.  (Ref WX 22 AA1 U56n 2008-2009).

Hospital-Physician Strategic Ventures.  San Diego, CA:  The Governance Institute, 2007.  (WX 160 H828p 2007).

Hospital Salary and Benefits Report 2008-2009.  Oakland, NJ:  Hospital and Healthcare Compensation Service, 2008.  (Ref WX 16 H8283 2008).

Hospitals:  Moving Forward With Family-Centered Care.  Bethesda, MD:  Institute for Family-Centered Care, 1994.  (WA 308 H828 1994).

How Are Washington State's Hospitals Affected by the Nursing Shortage?  Seattle, WA:  University of Washington, 2002.  (WY 29 H847 2002).

How Many Physicians Can a Rural Community Support?   Seattle, WA:  University of Washington, 2001.  (W 79 W949h 2001).

Huber, D.  Leadership and Nursing Care Management.  3rd ed.  Philadelphia, PA:  Saunders Elsevier, 2006.  (WY 105 L345 2006).

Innovations in Chronic Care.  Washington:  America's Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), 2007.  (W 84 AA1 I58c 2007).

Kropg, R., and Scalzi, G.  Making Information technology Work.  Chicago:  Health Forum, 2007.  (W 26.5 K93m 2007).

Lesko, K.  Reflections of 100 Years of Healing, 1895-1995.  Passaic, NJ:  Marketing and Development Department of St. Mary's Hospital, 1995.  (WX 28 AN4 P2SM3L 1995).

McDougall, S., and Johnson, B.  Creating Children's Advisory Councils.  Bethesda, MD:  Institute for Family-Centered Care, 2001.  (WA 308 M478c 2001).

Muller, R.  The Changing American Hospital in the Twenty-First Century.  Syracuse, NY:  Syracuse University, 2003.  (WX 27 AA1 M958c 2003).

Nurse Staffing and Quality of Patient Care.  Rockville, MD:  Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, 2007.  (WY 31 N974 2007).

Nursing Home Statistical Yearbook 2007.  McMinnville, OR:  Cowles Research Group, 2008.  (Ref WX 16 N974 2007).

Olson, C.  Quality of Mercy.  Chicago:  Swedish Covenant Hospital and Covenant Home, 1961.  (WX 28 AI3.4 C4S97o 1961).

Ory, C., and Thompson, B.  Disconnected:  A True Hurricane Katrina Story.  Mustang, OK:  Tate Publishing and Enterprises, LLC, 2006.  (WX 28 AL6 N5L88o 2006).

Pandemic Influenza Preparedness and Response Guidance for Healthcare Workers and Healthcare Employers.  Washington:  Occupational Safety and Health Administration, 2007.  (WC 515 P189 2007).

Physician On-Call Pay Survey Report July 2008.  Detroit, MI:  Sullivan, Cotter and Associates, 2008.  (Ref WX 203 P5781 2008).

Rubenstein D.  Role Perceptions of Army Healthcare Administrators.  Carlisle Barracks, PA:  U.S. Army War College, 1997.  (WB 116 R895r 1997).

Schmidt, D.  A Century of Better Care.  Piedmont Hospital, 2006.  (WX 28 AG4 A7P5S 2006).

Smith, C.  Directory of History of Medicine Collections.  Bethesda, MD:  National Library of Medicine, 2008.  (Ref WZ AA1 D598 2008).

Sterilization Recommended Practice for Central ServiceSection Six.  Chicago:  American Society for Central Service Professionals, 2008.  (WX 165 A5135st 2008).

Stuttle, R.  Healing, Teaching, Caring.  Peoria, IL:  Methodist Medical Center for Illinois, 2000.  (WX 28 AI3 P3M59s 2000).

The Nonprofit Board Answer Book.  2nd ed.  San Francisco:  Jossey-Bass, 2007.  (HD 62.6 N812 2007).

Training Staff Rapidly During a Staffing Crisis.  Chicago:  American Society for Healthcare Central Service Professionals, 2007.  (WX 165 C754t 2007).

Training Workbook for Health Care Central Service Technicians.  4th ed.  Chicago:  American Society for Healthcare Central Service Professionals, 2003.  (WX 165 T768 2003).

Webster, P., and Johnson, B.  Developing and Sustaining a Patient and Family Advisory Council.   Bethesda, MD:  Institute for Family-Centered Care, 2000.  (WA 308 W383d 2000).

Yoder-Wise, P., and Kowalski, K.  Beyond Leading and Managing Nursing Administration for the Future.  St. Louis, MO:  Mosby Elsevier, 2006.  (WY 105 Y54b 2006).


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