February 10, 2009

Materials Added to the AHA Resource Center

AAHSA Assisted Living Salary and Benefits Report.  Oakland, NJ:  Hospital and Healthcare Compensation Service, 2009.  (Ref WB 29 A111 2008-2009).

Assisted Living and Extended Care Facilities.  Atlanta, GA:  Billian's HealthDATA Group, 2009.  (Ref WX 22 AA1 A848 2009).

Barnes Reports:  Ambulatory Surgical and Emergency Centers Industry (NAICS 621493).  Woolwich, ME:  C. Barnes and Co., 2008.  (Ref WX 205 B261 2008).

Barnes Reports:  U.S. Diagnostic Imaging Centers Industry (NAICS 621512).  Woolwich, ME:  C. Barnes and Co., 2008.  (Ref WN 27 AA1 B261 2008).

Barnes Reports:  U.S. Industry and Market Outlook.  Woolwich, ME:  C. Barnes and Co., 2009.  (Ref HC 101 U58 2009).

Benchmark Report:  PET and PET/CT.  Des Plaines, IL:  IMV Medical Information Division, 2008.  (Ref WN 206 P477 2008).

Capitation and Risk Contracting Survey.  Seattle, WA:  ECG Management Consultants, 2008.  (Ref W 74 AA1 C244 2008).

Casper, M., and others.  Atlas of Stroke Hospitalizations Among Medicare Beneficiaries.  Atlanta, GA:  Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, 2008.  (Ref WL 355 A881 2008).

Directory of Healthcare Recruiters.  Hays, KS:  Pam Pohly Associates, 2008.  (Ref W 22 AA1 D598r 2009).

Eden, J., and others.  Knowing What Works in Health Care:  A Roadmap for the Nation.  Washington:  National Academies Press, 2008.  (Ref W 84 AA1 K73 2008).

Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates:  Annual Report.  Philadelphia, PA:  Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates, 2007.  (Ref W 1 E24 2007).

Full-Time Managers Survey Results [hospital gift shops].  Ann Arbor, MI:  Cindy Jones Associates, 2006.  (Ref WX 161 Z999 2006).

Healthcare Management Education: Directory of Programs.  Arlington, VA:  Association of University Programs in Health Administraition, 2008.  (Ref W 22.1 H434 2008-2010).

Healthcare Price, Cost and Utilization Benchmarks.  Marblehead, MA:  HCPro, 2008.  (Ref W 130 AA1 H434 2008).

Hyde, L., and Spencer, C.  Analyzing the Financial Impact of MS-DRGs.  Chicago:  American Health Information Management Association, 2008.  (Ref WX 157.8 H994a 2008).

Injury Facts.  Itasca, IL:  National Safety Council, 2008.  (Ref WA 900 AA1 A171i 2008).

Kirschman, D., and Grebenschikoff, J.  Physician Executive Compensation Report.  The 2006-07 Survey of Chief Medical Officers.  Tampa, FL:  Physician Executive Management Center, 2008.  (Ref W 79 K61p 2006-2007).

Levit, K., and others.  HCUP Facts and Figures:  Statistics on Hospital-Based Care in the United States, 2006.  Rockville, MD:  Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, 2008.  (Ref WX 16 H828f 2006).

National Alliance for Health Information Technology Report to the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology on Defining Key Health Information Technology Terms.  Chicago:  National Alliance for Health Information Technology, 2008.  (Ref WX 173 N277 2008).

National Healthcare Staff Compensation Survey.  Kansas City, MO:  Integrated Healthcare Strategies, 2008.  (Ref W 21 N277 2008).

National Integrated Accreditation for Healthcare Organizations (NIAHO) Interpretive Guidelines and Surveyor Guidance, Revision 7.   Cincinnati, OH:  DNV healthcare Inc., 2008.  (Ref WX 40 AA1 N277 2008).

National Nursing Compensation Survey.  Kansas City, MO:  MSA HR Capital, 2008.  (Ref WY 125 N277 2008).

NFPA 101:  Life Safety Code.  Quincy, MA:  National Fire Protection Association, 2008.  (Ref TH 9210 N277n 2009).

Niespodziani, C.  CMS-JCAHO Crosswalk:  A Side-by-Side Analysis of the CMS Conditions of Participation and JCAHO Standards.  Marblehead, MA:  HCPro, 2008.  (Ref WX 15 N676c 2008).

Outpatient Surgery Center Market Report.  Yardley, PA:  SDI, 2008.  (Ref WX 205 O94 2008).

Pay-for-Performance Survey.  Seattle, WA:  ECG Management Consultants, 2006.  (Ref W 84 AA1 P343 2006).

Perkins, J., and Youdelman, M.  Summary to State Law Requirements Addressing Language Needs in Health Care.  Washington:  National Health Law Program, 2008.  (Ref WA 300 P449s 2008).

Physician Retention Survey.  St. Louis, MO:  Cejka Search, 2007.  (Ref W 92 P585 2007).

Physicians' Fee Reference.  Milwaukee, WI:  Yale Wasserman, D.M.D. Medical Publishers, Ltd., 2009.  (Ref W 74 P578 2009).

Serbin, C., and English, J.  Essential Job Descriptions and Performance Evaluations for Ambulatory Surgery Centers.  Marblehead, MA:  HCPro, 2006.  (Ref WX 205 S482e 2006).

SHCA Compensation Survey Results.  Chicago:  Society for Healthcare Consumer Advocacy, 2008.  (Ref W 85 S678 2008).

State Medical Licensure Requirements and Statistics.  Chicago:  American Medical Association, 2009. (Ref W 40 S797m 2009).

Trends in Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Technologies.  New York:  Vendome Group, 2008.  (Ref WX 185 T794 2008).

Trends in Healthcare Information Technologies:  Priorities and Investments to Improve Care Delivery and Reduce Errors.  New York:  Vendome Group, 2008.  (Ref W 26.5 T794 2008).

Trends in Patient Safety Technologies.   New York:  Vendome Group, 2007.  (Ref WB 100 T794 2007).

Trends in Technologies for Nurses.  New York:  Vendome Group, 2008.  (Ref WY 26.5 T795 2008).

Woodman, J.  Patients Beyond Borders:  Everybody's Guide to Affordable, World-Class Medical Tourism.  Chapel Hill, NC:  Healthy Travel Media, 2007.  (Ref W 10 W892p 2007).


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