April 15, 2010


Materials Added to the AHA Resource Center

Advanced Energy Design Guide for Small Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities.  Atlanta, GA:  American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, 2009.  (WX 165 A244 2009).

AHA Center for Healthcare Leadership.  PSO Briefing Materials; Leadership Retreat on PSOs, Nov. 17, 1996.  Chicago:  American Hospital Association, 1996.  (W 84 AA1 P974 1996).

Aligning Hospitals and Physicians:  Formulating Strategy in a Changing Environment.  San Diego, CA:  Governance Institute, Fall 2008.  (WX 160 A411 2008).

An Organizational Analysis of Rural Hospital Specialization, Conversion, and Closure Case Reports.  Chicago:  Hospital Research and Educational Trust, 1995.  (WX 157 O68e 1995).

Bell, J., Snyder, H., and Tien, C.  Public Interest in Conversions of Nonprofit Health Charities.  San Francisco:  Consumers Union, 1997.  (WX 157 B433p 1997).

Brawley, E.  Design Innovations for Aging and Alzheimer's.  Hoboken, NJ:  John Wiley and Sons, Inc., 2006.  (WT 27 AA1 B826d 2006).

Bridging the Transition from Community Hospital to Charitable Foundation.  New York:  Cain Brothers, 1996.  (WX 157 B851 1996).

California Guide to Preventing Sharps Injuries.  Sacramento, CA:  California Healthcare Association, 1999.  (WX 167 C153 1999).  (CD included).

Camper, A., and others.  Safety Net in Transition.  Monograph II.  Reforming the Legal Structure and Governance of Safety Net Health Systems.  Washington:  National Association of Public Hospitals and Health Systems, June 1996.  (E 250 AA1 I37 1996).

Colloquium Report on Legal Issues Related to Tax Exemption and Community Benefit.  Washington:  National Health Lawyers Association, 1996.  (WX 27 AA1 C714 1996).

Cors, W., Hoppa, M., and Sheff, R.  Medical Staff Leaders'Practical Guide.  6th ed.  Marblehead, MA:  HCPro, Inc., 2007.  (WX 203 T475m 2007).

Engstrom, P., and Droste, T., editors.  Building Effective Medical Networks.  Medical Network Strategy Report 1996 Yearbook.  Santa Barbara, CA:  COR Healthcare Resources, 1996.  (W 84 AA1 B932e 1996).

Feldman, A.  Pursuing Excellence in Healthcare.  Preserving America's Academic Medical Centers.  Boca Raton, FL:  CRC Press, 2010.  (WX 27 AA1 F312p 2010).

Financial State of Hospitals:  Post-BBA and Post-BBRA.  Baltimore, MD:  HCIA-Sachs, L.L.C., 1999. (WX 157 F491s 1999).

Fitzpatrick, J.  Board's Role in Public Relations and Communications.  Washington:  National Center for Nonprofit Boards, 1993.  (HD 62.6 N559b 1993).

Flynn, O.  Meeting, and Exceeding Expectations.  A Guide to Successful Nonprofit Board Meetings.  2nd ed.  Washington:  BoardSource, July 2009.  (HD 2743 F648 2009).

Fry, R. Who's Minding the Money?  2nd ed.  Washington:  BoardSource, 2009.  (HG 4027.65 F947 2009).

Gauthier, A., and Schrodel, S.  Expanding Children's Coverage:  Lessons From State Initiatives in Health Care Reform.  Washington:  Alpha Center, May 1997.  (W 250 AA1 G276e 1997).

Gawande, A.  Checklist Manifesto:  How to Get Things Right.  New York:  Henry Holt and Company, LLC, 2010.  (W 21 G284c 2010).

Greeley Company.  Corporate Compliance Self-Assessment and Planning.  Marblehead, MA:  Opus Communications, 1998.  (WX 157 C822c 1998).

Guide for Communities Considering Hospital Conversion in the Carolinas.  Durham, NC:  Center for Health Policy, Law and Management, Duke University, May 1998.  (WX 150 G946c 1998).

Guide to Good Governance for Hospital Boards.  Chicago:  American Hospital Association, 2009.  (WX 150 G946g 2009).

Guidelines for Trustee Self-Assessment.  Des Moines, IA:  Iowa Hospital Association, 2010.  (WX 150 G946t 2010).

Hasnain-Wynia, R., and others.  Improving Care for Individuals with Limited English Proficiency:  Facilitators and Barriers to Providing Language Services in California Public Hospitals.  Chicago:  Health Research and Educational Trust, Oct. 2009.  (W 84 AA1 I34c 2009).

Howe, F.  Fund Raising and the Nonprofit Board Member.  Washington:  National Center for Nonprofit Boards, 1988.  (HD 62.6 H855f 1988).

Impact of Hospital Conversion in Ten Communities in the Carolinas:  Executive Summaries.  Durham, NC:  Center for Health Policy, Law and Management, May 1998.  (WX 157 I34 1998).

Investing Capital in Uncertain Times:  The Board's Role.  San Diego, CA:  Governance Institute, Spring 2009.  (WX 157 I62c 2009).

Kissman, K.  Trouble at the Top.  The Nonprofit Board's Guide to Managing an Imperfect Chief Executive.  Washington:  BoardSource, Sept. 2009.  (HD 62.6 K61tr 2009).

Koortbojian, G.  Hospital Charity Care and Discount Policies.  A Handbook on How to Comply With the Law.  Sacramento, CA:  California Hospital Association, 2008.  (WX 157 K82h 2008).

Maintaining Philanthropy in Hard Times.  Weathering the Current Storm and Positioning the Organization for Long-Term Success.  San Diego, CA:  Governance Institute, Summer 2009.  (WX 157 M226 2009).

Mapping Rural Health.  Chappel Hill, NC:  North Carolina Rural Health Research and Policy Analysis Center, 1998.  (WA 17 M297 1998).

Meeting the Joint Commission's 2010 National Patient Safety Goals.  Oakbrook Terrace, IL:  Joint Commission Resources, 2010.  (WX 153 M495 2010).

Meyer, J., Silow-Carroll, S., and Garrett, J.  Setting New Priorities in Health Care.  New York:  Milbank Memorial Fund, 1993.  (WA 540 AA1 M612s 1993).

Model Medical Staff Bylaws and Rules.  Sacramento, CA:  California Hospital Association, 2007.  (WX 159 C153m 2007).  (CD included).

Motenko, N.  Rural Health Network Evolution in the New Antitrust Environment.  Minneapolis, MN:  Institute for Health Services Research University of Minnesota, 1997.  (W 130 AA1 M917r 1997).

Mueller, R.  Smarter Board Meeting for Effective Nonprofit Governance.  Washington:  National Center for Nonprofit Boards, 1992.  (HD 62.6 M947s 1992).

Nurse's Role in Infection Prevention and Control.  Oakbrook Terrace, IL:  Joint Commission Resources, 2010.  (WY 153 N974 2010).

OnBoard!  San Diego, CA:  Governance Institute, 2010.  (WX 150 O58b 2010).  (DVD).

Patient-Focused Medication Management.  Oakbrook Terrace, IL:  Joint Commission Resources, 2009.  (WB 330 P298 2009).

Patient Assignment into the Medical Home:  Building a Collaborative Patient-Centric Approach.  An Exceutive Briefing.  Wall Township, NJ:  Health Intelligence Network, Feb. 12, 2009. (W 84.6 P298a 2009). (CD included).

Patients as Partners in the Infection Prevention and Control Process.  Oakbrook Terrace, IL:  Joint Commissions Resources, 2009.  (WC 195 P298 2009).

Pricing Transparency Implications for Hospitals, Health Systems, and Their Boards.  San Diego, CA:  Governance Institute, Summer 2008.  (W 74 AA1 P947 2008).

Preserving America's Safety Net Health Systems:  An Agenda for Federal Action.  Washington:  National Association of Public Hospitals and Health Systems, 1995.  (WX 150 P933a 1995).

Putting the Care in Health Care.  Improving the Patient Experience.  Oakbrook Terrace, IL:  Joint Commission Resources, 2009.  (W 84.7 P88 2009).

Roy, B., editor.  MFA's Standards and Guidelines for Medical Fitness Center Facilities.  Monterey, CA:  Healthy Learning, 2009.  (QT 255 M617 2009).

Rural Managed Care:  Patterns and Prospects.  Minneapolis, MN:  University of Minnesota, 1997.  (W 130 AA1 R948m 1997).

Sample Ethics Resources and Tools.  Chicago:  American Hospital Association, 1998.  (WX 150 S192 1998).

Scheurer, D., editor.  The Role of Hospitalists in Patient Safety.  Oakbrook Terrace, IL:  Joint Commission Resources, 2010.  (WX 203 R745 2010).

When Your Community Hospital Goes Up for Sale.  A Guide to Understanding the Sale and Conversion of Not-for-Profit Hospitals to For-Profit Corporations and What You Can Do About It.  Washington:  Volunteer Trustees Foundation for Research and Education, 1996.  (WX 157 W567y 1996).


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