May 10, 2010


Materials Added to the AHA Resource Center

2007, 2008, and 2009 Comparison of the Salary Compensation Survey.  Chicago:  Association for Healthcare Resource and Materials Management, 2010.  (Ref WX 147 Z999s 2010).

Audit and Accounting Guide:  Health Care Organizations, with Conforming Changes as of August 1, 2009.  New York:  American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, 2009.  (Ref WX 157 H434 2009).

Beazley, S., editor.  Brief Guide to the U.S. Health Care Delivery System:  Facts, Definitions, and Statistics.  Chicago:  Health Forum, 2010.  (Ref W 84 AA1 U58h 2010).

Benchmark Report:  X-ray/DR/CR.  Des Plaines, IL:  IMV Limited, 2006.  (Ref WN 27 AA1 B457 2005/06).

Best Practices for Hospital and Health-System Pharmacy:  Position and Guidance Documents of ASHP.  Bethesda, MD:  American Society of Health-System Pharmacies, 2009.  (Ref WX 179 B561 2009-2010).

By the Numbers:  Benchmarking Study on Healthcare Marketing, Communications, and Strategic Planning.  3rd ed. Chicago:  Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development, 2010.  (Ref W 74 M3451 2010).

Center for the Evaluative Clinical Sciences, Dartmouth Medical School and Maine Medical Assessment Foundation.  Dartmouth Atlas of Health Care in Virginia.  Chicago:  AHA Press, 2000.  (Ref W 84 AV8 D226 2000).

Competition in Health Insurance:  A Comprehensive Study of US Markets.  Chicago:  American Medical Association, 2009.  (Ref W 130 AA1 C737 2009).

Directory of American Medical Education.  Washington:  Association of American Medical Colleges, 2010.  (Ref W 22 AA1 A109 2010).

Directory of Hospital Personnel.  America, NY:  Grey House Publishing, 2010.  (Ref WX 22 AA1 D5984 2010).

Dunton, N., and Montalvo, I., editors.  Sustained Improvement in Nursing Quality:  Hospital Performance on NDNQI Indicators, 2007-2008 [NDNQI = National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators].  Silver Spring, MD:  American Nurses Association, 2009.  (Ref WY 100 S964 2009).

Facility Guidelines Institute.  Guidelines for Design and Construction of Health Care Facilities.  Chicago:  American Society of Healthcare Engineering, 2010.  (Ref WX 140 G9462 2010).

Governance Structures and Practices:  Results, Analysis, and Evaluation.  San Diego, CA:  Governance Institute, 2009.  (Ref WX 150 G7213 2009).

HCSS:  Health Care Staffing Services Certification Manual:  Standards, Rationales, Elements of Performance, Scoring.  Oakbrook Terrace, IL:  Joint Commission, 2010.  (Ref WX 159 H434c 2010).

Health Care Aquisition Report.  Norwalk, CT:  Irving Levin Associates, Inc., 2010.  (Ref WX 157 H437 2010).

Healthcare Benchmarks Yearbook:  Metrics, Measurements and Innovations.  Manasquan, NJ:  Healthcare Intelligence Network, 2010.  (Ref W 84 AA1 H439 2010).

Hospital Blue Book.  Atlanta, GA:  Billian's HealthDATA Group, 2010.  (Ref WX 27 AA1 H8285 2010).

Magnet Model Components and Sources of Evidence:  Magnet Recognition Program.  Silver Spring, MD:  American Nurses Credentialing Center, 2008.  (Ref WY 125 M196 2008).

Medical Fitness Industry Compensation Survey.  Evanston, IL:  Medical Fitness Association, 2009.  (Ref QT 255 M489c 2009).

Miller, R., and Washington, K.  Consumer Healthcare.  Loganville, GA:  Richard K. Miller and Associates, 2009.  (Ref WA 900 AA1 C758 2009).

National Healthcare Disparities Report.  Rockville, MD:  Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Mar. 2010.  (Ref W 84 AA1 N277d 2009).

National Healthcare Quality Report.  Rockville, MD:  Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Mar. 2010.  (Ref W 84 AA1 N277h 2009).

Record Retention Guide for All Health Care Providers.  Sacramento, CA:  California Hospital Association, Sept. 2002.  (Ref W 80 R311r 2002).

UCS:  Standards for Urgent Care:  Accreditation Policies, Standards, Elements of Performance, Scoring.  Oakbrook Terrace, IL:  Joint Commission, 2010.  (Ref WX 205 J74s 2010).


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