May 24, 2010


Materials Added to the AHA Resource Center

Annual Membership Directory.  Chicago:  American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration, 2010.  (Ref WX 159 A512a 2010).

Annual Report of the U.S. Hospital IT Market.  Chicago:  Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, 2010.  (Ref WX 26.5 A54 2010).

Arias, K., and Soule, B.  The APIC/JCR Infection Prevention and Control Workbook.  Oakbrook Terrace, IL:  Joint Commission Resources, 2010. (WX 167 A6421 2010).

Assisted Living and Extended Care Facilities.  Atlanta, GA:  Billian's HealthDATA Group, 2010.  (Ref WX 22 AA1 A848 2010).

Ayre, D., and others.  Facilitating Community Change.  Boulder, CO:  Community Initiatives Inc, 2000. (HM 831 A97 2000).

Barlett, D., and Steele, J.  Critical Condition:  How Health Care in America Become Big Business-and Bad Medicine.  New York: Doubleday, 2004. (W 74 AA1 B257c 2004).

Behavioral Healthcare Delivery Today:  Annual Survey.  Washington:  National Association of Psychiatric Health Systems, 2010.  (Ref WM 16 N2772a 2009).

Bilbrey, P.  Reflections on Leading:  Rants Raves and Realities.  Pensacola, FL:  The Baptist Health CARE Leadership Institute, 2008. (HD 57.7 B595r 2008).

Bluni, R.  Inspired Nurse.  Gulf Breeze, FL:  Studer Group LLC, 2009. (WX 87 B658i 2009).

Board Quality Education Program : A Self Assessment Tool.  Chicago:  The American Hospital Association’s Center for Healthcare Governance, 2010. (WX 150 B662q 2010).

Brignano, M.  A History of UPMC Beyond the Bounds.  Pittsburgh, PA:  University of Pittsburgh, 2009.  (WX 28 AP4 P69U58b 2009).

Cardiac Capitation:  Assuming and Managing Risk for Cardiac Services. Washington:  The Advisory Board Company, 1995.  (WX 157 C267c 1995).

Case Management Resources Guide.  Salt Lake City, UT:  Dorland Healthcare Information, 2010. (Ref W 22 AA1 C337 2010.)

Colling, R., and York, T.  Hospital and Healthcare Security.  Burlington, MA:  Elsevier Inc, 2010. (WX 185 C711ha 2010).

Community Health a New Role for Health Care Trustees.  Cary, NC :  North Carolina Hospital Association, 1995. (WX 150 C734 1995).

Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.  Arlington, VA:  American Psychiatry Association, 2000. (Ref WM 15 D536 2000).

Diagnostic Ultrasound Principles and Applications:  Technoloy Guideline Report.  Chicago:  American Hospital Association, 1981. (WN 208 D536 1981).

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Eleventh Annual Health Care Systems Leadership Program.  Chicago:  American Hospital Association:  Section for Healthcare Systems, 1992. (WX 157.4 H4346p 1992).

Eleventh Annual Malcolm T. MacEachern Symposium.  Health Care Technology:  Savior or Villian.  Evanston, IL :  Northwestern University Medical School, 1993.  (W 84.1 M243h 1993).

First Harvard Conference on Strategic Alliances in the Evolving Healthcare Market.  Boston, MA:  Harvard University, 1995. (WA 540 H336 1995) and (WA 540 H336 1995 supp.) .

Framework for a High Performance Health System for the United States.  New York:  The Commonwealth Fund, 2006. (WA 540 AA1 P298f 2006).

Glossary of Terms Commonly Used in Health Care.  Washington:  Academy Health, 2004. (Ref W 15 G563t 2004).

Health at a Glance:  OECD Indicators.  Paris, France:  Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development, 2009.  (Ref W 74 O28 2009).

Healthcare Business Market Research Handbook.  Loganville, GA:  Richard K. Miller and Associates, Inc., 2010.  (Ref W 74 H4336 2010).

Health Care Leader Action Guide to Reduce Avoidable Readmissions.  Chicago: Health Research and Educational Trust, 2010. (WX 158 H434r 2010).

Healthcare Executive Compensation Survey.  Kansas City, MO:  Integrated Healthcare Strategies, 2008.  (W 21 N277e 2008 pt. 1-4).

Healthcare @ Work Summary Report.  Chicago : American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration, 2003.(WX 159 H434a 2003).

Hickman, G., and Smaltz, D.  Healthcare Information Technology Planning Fieldbook.  Chicago:  Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, 2008. (W 26.5 H628h 2008).

HIPAA Code Set Rule:  ICD-10 Implementation an Executive Briefing.  Chicago:  American Hospital Association, 2009. (WB 15 H667 2009).

Hoppa, M,  The Top 40 Medical Staff Policies and Procedures.  Marblehead,  MA : HCPro Inc, 2010.  (WX 203 G794t 2010).

Jonson, C.  There is Life Here.  A Celebration of Service:  the Missions of the Daughters of Charity in Saginaw, 1874-1999.  Saginaw, MI:  The Missions of the Daughters of Charity, 1999. (WX 28 AM5 S3S14j 1999).

Langabeer, J., editor.  Performance Improvement in Hospitals and Health Systems.  Chicago:  Healthcare Information and  Management Systems Society, 2009. (WX 155 P438 2009).

Lipton, M.  EMTALA a Guide to Patient Anti-Dumping Laws.  Sacramento, CA:  California Hospital Association, 2009.  (WX 215 L767g 2009).

Mallon, W., and others.  Finding Top Talent:  How to Search for Leaders in Academic Medicine.  Washington:  Association of American Medical Colleges, 2009. (WX 39 M255f 2009).

Medical Directorship and On-Call Compensation Survey:  2010 Report Based on 2009 Data.  Englewood, CO:  Medical Group Management Association, 2010.  (Ref WX 203 M489 2010).

Member’s Guide to Participating in AHA Policy Development.  Chicago:  American Hospital Association, 1998. (WX 11 AA1 M533 1998).

Namovicz-Peat, S.  AIS’s Directory of Health Plans.  Washington, DC:  Atlantic Information Services, 2010.  (Ref W 132 AA1 A299 2010). 

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Osheroff, J.  Improving Medication Use and Outcomes with Clinical Decision Support.  Chicago:  Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, 2009.  (WX 179 O82i 2009).

Overview of the U.S. Health Care System Chart Book.   Baltimore, MD:  Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, 2007. (Ref W 84 AA1 O96 2007).

Patient Safety in the Intensive Care Unit.  Oakbrook Terrace,  IL: Joint Commission Resources, 2010. (WX 218 P298s 2010).

Physician Salary and Benefits Report.  Oakland, NJ:  Hospital and Healthcare Compensation Service, 2010.  (Ref WX 16 P578 2010).

Pointer, D.  Navigating the Boardroom: 40 Maxims Things You Must now and Do to be a Great Director, 2008.  (WX 155 P752n 2008).

Practice Management Stats Quick Reference Benchmarks for Working with Physician Practices.  Independence,  MO:  Practice Support Resources, 2010. (W  80 P895n 2010).

Protecting the Promise.  Chicago:  American Hospital Association, 2004. (WX 100 P967 2004).

Puckett, R.  Food Service Manual for Health Care Institutions.  Chicago : American Hospital Association, 2004. (WX 168 P977fo 2004).

Quality Curriculum for Trustees.  Chicago:  The American Hospital Association’s Center for Healthcare Governance, 2010. (WX 150 Q35 2010).

Seymour, D.  Specialized Integrated and Connected:  Building a Strategic Framework for the Hospital of 2020.  San Diego, CA:  The Governance Institute, 2009. (WX 157 S521s 2009).

Siegel, J., and others.  Management of Multidrug Resistant Organisms in Healthcare Settings.  Atlanta, GA:  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2006. (WX 167 M266 2006).

Sustaining Community Health:  The Experience of Health Care System Leaders.  Irving, TX: VHA Health Foundation Inc, 2000. (WA 546 AA1 S87 2000).

Thirteenth Annual Health Care Systems Leadership Program.  Chicago : American Hospital Association Section for Health Care Systems, 1994. (WX 157.4 H4346p 1994).

Toolkit for Preventing Health Care Associated Infections.  Oakbrook Terrace,  IL : Joint Commission Resources, 2010. (WX 167 T671 2010). 

Trompeter, E.   Managed Medicare and Medicaid Factbook.  Washington, DC:  Atlantic Information Services Inc, 2010. (Ref W 250 AA1 M266 2010).

Twelfth Annual Health Care Systems Leadership Program.  Chicago:  American Hospital Association Section for Health Care Systems, 1993. (WX 157.4 H4346p 1993).

Twelfth Annual Malcolm T. MacEachern Symposium.  Challenges of Managing Integrated Health Delivery Systems:  Critical Success Factors.  Evanston, IL :  Northwestern University Medical School, 1994. (W 84.1 M243h 1994).

Walker, J.  The Official  ISSA 540 Cleaning Times.  Lincolnwood, IL : ISSA, 2009. (TX 955 W181o 2009).

Workforce 2015:  Strategy Trumps Shortage.  Chicago :  American Hospital Association, 2010. (WX 159 W926s 2010).

Yee, R.  Healthcare Spaces No.2.  New York:  Visual Reference Publications Inc, 2004. (WX 140 H434s 2004).


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