June 13, 2017

Materials Added to the AHA Resource Center

21st Century Hospitals.  San Francisco:  New Century Healthcare Institute, 2002.  (WX 140 Z999 2002). (v.1 pt. 1-2) and (v.2 pt.3).

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Accreditation Requirements for Ambulatory Surgical Centers.  Chicago:  Healthcare Facilities Accreditation Program, (HFAP), 2012-2013.  (Ref WX 205 A5126a 2012-2013).

Advancing Effective Communication, Cultural Competence, and Patient- and Family-Centered Care.  Oakbrook Terrace, IL:  The Joint Commission, 2010.  (WX 158.5 J74a 2010).

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An Enterprise Risk Managment Playbook.  Chicago:  American Society for Healthcare Risk Management, 2015.  (WX 157 C319e 2015).

Approaches to Population Health in 2015:  A National Survey of Hospitals.  Chicago:  American Hospital Association, Aug. 2015.  (WX 27 AA1 A652 2015).

Appropriate Use of Medical Resources.  Chicago:  American Hospital Association, 2013.  (WX 218 C731a 2013).

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New England Healthcare Institute.  How Many More Studies Will it Take?  (ZW 84.3 N532h 1998-2006).

New Governance for Health Gain.  La Jolla, CA:  The Governance Institute, 1998.  (WX 150 N532 1998).

Partnering to Improve Auality and Safety.  Chicago:  Health Research & Educational Trust, 2015.  (WX 185 P273 2015).

Patient Safety Risk Management Playbook.  Chicago, IL: American Society for Healthcare Risk Management, 2015.  (WX 157 P298s 2015).

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Physician Salary and Benefits Report.  Oakland, NJ:  Hospital & Healthcare Compensation Service, 2017.  (Ref WX 16 P578 2017).

Profile of U.S. Community Hospitals.  Chicago:  American Hospital Association.  (WX 16 P964 2005-). (Maps)

Provider Digest Formerly Hospital Systems Digest.  Bridgewater, NJ:  Sanofi-Aventis, 2017.  (Ref WX 16 H828 2017).

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Report to Congress on Medicaid and Chip.  Washington:  MACPAC, 2017.  (Ref W 250 AA1 M489r 2017).

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Risk Management Pearls. Insidious Intimidation.  Chicago:  American Society for Healthcare Risk Management, 2015.  (WX 159 R595 2015).

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Root Cause Analysis Playbook.  Chicago, IL: American Society for Healthcare Risk Management, 2015.  (WX 153 R782c 2015).

Salary Compensation and Work Satisfaction Report.  Chicago:  Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development, 2016.  (W 76 S161 2016).

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Toolkit for Mitigating Violence in the Workplace.  Chicago:  American Organization of Nurse Executives (AONE), 2015.  (WX 185 T671 2015).

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Why Interoperability Matters.  Chicago: American Hospital Association, 2015.  (WX 175 W629 2015).

Warner, M.  Re-designing Health Services.  London:  The Nuffield Trust, 1997.  (W 225 FA1 W283r 1997).

Yaffe, A.  The Health System-Physician Relationship Continuum.  Chicago:  AHA's Center for Healthcare Governance, 2015.  (WX 160 Y12h 2015).


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