PAUL M. ELLWOOD, JR., M.D. In First Person: Selections from the Oral History Interview

In retirement, Dr. Paul M. Ellwood, Jr. still wrestles with the big issues that have fascinated him for much of his career – what is the best way to organize the health care delivery system? What are the most effective models for group practices and managed care plans? How can consumers make informed decisions about choosing health care providers based on quality?

On September 17, 2010, Tony Kovner, professor at the Wagner School at New York University, interviewed Dr. Ellwood at his Bondurant, WY, home. In these video selections from the interview, Dr. Ellwood talks candidly about the HMO movement, formation of The Jackson Hole Group, and his views of the way that national health policy was shaped in various administrations.

The edited transcript of the entire oral history is available at no charge on the Center website at




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