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I need to find the benchmarking article I recall seeing in Hospitals & Health Networks a while ago...

Where was that salary survey data published?

Has AHA published any articles on outsourcing?

Now there's help. AHA makes many of its journals and newsletters available on the web through When searching the entire web site, articles published in AHA/Health Forum journals will automatically be included in the search.

You can also limit your search to one or more of AHA/Health Forum’s journals by using the Advanced Search function through Scroll down the Advanced Search page for the option to limit your search to a Domain. In Domain listing you’ll find AHA/Health Forum magazines listed in the General/News category.

Here are the links to the journals and newsletters from Health Forum, an affiliate of the American Hospital Association, with the beginning dates of web coverage:

AHA News/AHA News Now [from Oct. 23, 1995]
Advanced Search Domain Name: AHANEWS

Health Forum Journal [from Jan. 1997]
Advanced Search Domain Name: HEALTHFORUMJOURNAL

Health Facilities Management [from Dec. 1995]
Advanced Search Domain Name: HFMMAGAZINE

Hospitals & Health Networks [from Nov. 5, 1995]
Advanced Search Domain Name: HHNMAG

Materials Management in Health Care [from Oct. 1995]
Advanced Search Domain Name: MATMANMAG

Most Wired [from 2002]
Advanced Search Domain Name: HHNMOSTWIRED

Trustee [from Oct. 1995]
Advanced Search Domain Name: TRUSTEEMAG

Still having trouble locating an article? Here are some other tips that may help.

  • Remember to try synonyms or variations in spellings or word endings. For example, if your search for salaries doesn't find the article you remember, try using related keywords, such as salary or compensation.
  • The asterisk may be used as a wild card to replace letters. For example, searching on hospital* would retrieve articles with hospital, hospitals, hospitalization, and other terms beginning with hospital.
  • You can use the "or" or the "and" connectors between keywords. Using "or" between keywords results in a search for articles that contain any one of the keywords. Using "and" to connect multiple terms limits the search to articles where all keywords appear.
  • To search for a phrase, enclose the phrase within double quotation marks, such as "Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services."
  • Use the Advanced Search options to limit your search by date.
  • Review the other Advanced Search options to broaden or narrow what’s included in your search.

While most publication articles are included on the web, some special inserts that are in the print edition don't make it to the web version as full-text. Likewise, the electronic edition may include some web-exclusive content you won't find in the print issues.


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