March 26, 2012

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Fundamental Questions

Rich Umbdenstock, AHA President and CEO

The Supreme Court hears oral arguments on the Affordable Care Act next week, and you'll have access to daily summaries from our expert counsel and hear him on a members-only Town Hall broadcast. As we follow this historic case, let's reflect on some broader issues that affect us both as health care leaders and as individual citizens. If insurance is still the best model to organize coverage and access in the U.S., can the system function if some have insurance and others don't, or won't? Since every dollar of cost must be paid by someone in some way, how can costs be covered equitably? And, if we as citizens will ultimately pick up the tab, how can we minimize costs by providing the right care in the right place at the right time? Whatever the court decides, we, as health care leaders and citizens, must find effective answers to these questions.


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