March 30, 2012

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The Envelope, Please

Rich Umbdenstock, AHA President and CEO

The only opinions about the Supreme Court's position on the Affordable Care Act that matter are those we'll hear from the justices, probably in late June. Whatever they decide, health reform is not done. If the ACA stands, there's more work to do on payment and delivery system reforms, incentives for individual responsibility, liability reform and more. If some or all falls, we must rethink how to achieve coverage for all and bend the cost curve. We've asked Regional Policy Boards, Section Governing Councils and specialty committee members over the past month to look forward and assess options for further Medicare and Medicaid reform and opportunities to reduce the deficit without further cutting hospital care. Your AHA member governance and policy development process continues with additional rounds in early June and mid-September and in state meetings and other forums where we hope to get everyone's input.


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