February 14, 2014

We Must Stop This Now

Rich Umbdenstock, AHA President and CEO

They’ve done it again – Congress has raided Medicare to pay for non-health spending. This time they voted to repeal a cost-of-living cut to younger military retirees enacted less than two months ago. They pay for it by extending the sequestration cuts to mandatory spending, including Medicare, yet another year, until 2024. That cut to COLA adjustments for veterans was part of December’s congressional budget agreement designed to save billions. Its restoration shows what strong grassroots action and outraged constituents can accomplish. Veterans deserve appropriate benefits for their brave service – but using the Medicare program as a piggy bank to fund other programs is totally unacceptable. Will Congress cut hospital payments again when it addresses the physician pay fix and Medicare extenders that expire at the end of March? We can’t let that happen! You can make a difference by expressing your outrage to your lawmakers. If they don’t hear from us, they’ll assume we’re okay with their actions. And please try to join us in Washington for one our upcoming Advocacy Days. Your voice is critical!


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