Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) Program - RACTrac Initiative

The RACTrac survey collects data from hospitals on a quarterly basis to assess the impact the Medicare Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) program on hospitals nationwide.

AHA RACTrac Initiative

Claim Level Excel Tracking Tool (11MB XLSB file) (Updated April 2016)
AHA’s Claim Level Tool: A Guide to Transferring Your Data

Data Definitions (March 2015)

Survey Questions

The American Hospital Association's (AHA) RACTrac survey collects data from hospitals on a quarterly basis to assess the impact the Medicare Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) program on hospitals nationwide. AHA developed RACTrac in response to the lack of data and information provided by CMS on the impact of the RAC program on providers.

RACTrac findings reveal many valuable insights for both the hospitals that reported the data and the AHA and state hospital associations who can use the information to educate the field and inform CMS and Congress of changes needed to the program.

Watch RACTrac webinars to review RACTrac survey results and recent RAC policy developments.

See the latest RACTrac Results PowerPoint for more information on RACTrac findings.

See the RACTrac Flyer for a few highlights of recent RACTrac findings and information on how to participate in RACTrac.

See previous RACTrac Results PowerPoints for historical RACTrac findings.

AHA encourages all hospitals to sign-up for RACTrac to experience the benefits of the survey and contribute to the success of AHA's advocacy efforts.

More Information on RACTrac

RACTrac Reports

Looking for more RACTrac Reports? Click here to view the report archive.

Preparing for RACs

Hospitals should begin to prepare for RAC reviews by assembling an internal team to plan and implement process improvements to reduce RAC vulnerabilities. A self-audit to identify risks is an important first step. Once RAC audits begin, hospitals should internally track any and all RAC activity to minimize your financial risk and ensure that it responds to the RACs in a timely fashion to avoid technical denials. An internal tracking system will help monitor the status of claims in order to preserve appeal rights on every claim that is identified as an overpayment. A number of vendors have developed RAC activity tracking tools that can both help you manage the RAC process as well as provide information to AHA RACTrac. AHA has also developed a basic claim level tracking tool. Both are described below.

RACTrac Compatible Vendors

Many vendors of RAC activity tracking tools have customized their tools so that your RAC data can be submitted to the RACTrac survey with one click of the mouse. These vendors are deemed to be "RACTrac Compatible."

Additionally, many other vendors are currently working to become RACTrac Compatible. AHA strongly believes that there is not a one size fits all approach to internally managing your RAC audits, and therefore AHA does not support or endorse any particular product for RAC tracking. However we do encourage hospitals to ask whether or not the product they are considering is RACTrac Compatible.

RACTrac Compatible Vendors (Updated February 2017)

Template Letter to Vendor

If you are interested in becoming a RACTrac Compatible Vendor, or are developing your own tool internally, please click here.

Claim Level Tracking Tool

As noted above, internal tracking of audit activity is essential for managing the RAC process. Hospitals also will need to organize their data to properly respond to the RACTrac survey. In anticipation of needing to assist hospitals in internally organizing data, the AHA is making available to all hospitals a FREE claim level Excel tool to get you started.

If you have any questions regarding RACTrac please contact our support line at 1-888-RAC-TR1C (1-888-722-8712) or


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